Why Do You Need To Use A Weed Grinder?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use a weed grinder. Regular smokers use them as often as possible. If you are not using one, maybe you should reconsider. There are a lot of weed grinder types you can choose from. Here are some benefits of using a weed grinder.

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Quick Answer

Producing A Smoother Smoke and Better Taste

One of the aspects to consider to say that a session is good is when the smoke is smooth in every hit.

When you grind your weed, it releases the flavors and scents that your buds might not produce if it is torn by your hands or if it is left as is.

With that being said, enhanced flavors through grinding also enhance the overall experience of the user.

Making Your Joint Burn Slower

It doesn’t seem as important that your joint burns slow, right?

But trust me, a joint burning slowly also contributes to a good session.

It is connected to the flavors produced and a better taste for your hits.

After all, you would want to savor your cannabis in slow, steady hits.

No Mess

Remember that you are dealing with buds when you are about to smoke weed.

It means the plants might have trichomes.

Trichomes are small hairs growing from the weed’s leaves or stem.

Trichomes are plants’ way to protect themselves.

They could cause itching and irritation to the part of the skin upon contact.

But through grinding the weed, you don’t take the risk of trichomes sticking onto your skin.

After all, buds and trichomes are things you can roll into a joint.

Collecting Kief

By definition, a kief is the equivalent of Cheetos dust in cannabis.

Kief comes from ground bud crystals and it has flavor, too.

It might be even more potent compared to the buds.

Most weed grinders have layers intended for one specific function.

One of those functions is to filter out keef through a mesh layer so both the ground buds and keef/kief are used for smoking.

Easier Transport

If you often travel but need to bring a stash with you, it would be more efficient to grind up your weed before packing.

One, it saves up space so it doesn’t have to take much of an effort to carry around big chunks of buds with you.

Another advantage is security. You won’t have to worry about the goods getting scattered in your bag as most grinders are lined with magnets to keep caps in place and secure.

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Overall, weed grinders are not weed grinders alone.

They are paraphernalia essential to stoners to produce an enhanced sesh.

Every hit is a hit, and never a miss.

For more weed grinders to choose from, check out Grass City, Smoke Cartel, and King’s Pipe’s grinders collection.

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