Where To Buy Weed Grinders Online?

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There are many reasons to use a grinder to chop up your weed before consuming it.

In this post, I will show you the best places online to buy weed grinders.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of using a grinder in general, head over to my post: Why do I need to use a weed grinder?


Quick Answer

Grass City is one of the top results when you’re looking for weed grinders online.

On their website, they have a guide in choosing the best weed grinders for you based on a lot of things like pricing and usage.

They also accept Bitcoin as a payment method aside from the US dollar.

Grasscity carries a lot of brands and has many grinder options for high, medium and low budget shoppers.

Just click the button below and see for yourself!



This little grinder stands at 6cm/2.4" and sports a Rasta-themed color scheme. The caps are lined with magnets so it will stay secure regardless of where you put it and won't spread your stash in your backpack.


Kings Pipes has many products that are minimalist in design which makes the products look elegant but if you like it funky you will be missing something.

Most of their grinders have this matte aluminium finish making them look sleek and edgy.

The only downside about King’s Pipe is that its products are on the pricier side compared to its competition.

Kings Pipe does some good discount offers every now and then so you can still strike a good bargain there. 



This is one handsome bad boy. It does not only look good, but it also gets the job done. It’s different from the others since its teeth are irregularly shaped compared to the uniform ones from others. According to one review, it grinds without having to exert too much effort. It is also the only, as claimed by King’s Pipe, weed grinder that features a non-stick coating making it easier to clean. “Lightly tap, and it’s clean,” claims one customer.

Out of the bunch, Smoke Cartel has the highest number of grinders to choose from. They offer budget friendly grinders for as low as $12 all the way  up to $200 premium grinders. What makes them stand out is that they offer a lifetime warranty for their grinders. 

Acrylic 2-Piece Grinder with Metal Teeth


Sold in a pair, the Acrylic 2-Piece Grinder with Metal Teeth is a good start for someone new to weed or just doesn't want to spend much money on it. For the price of one, you get to pick 2 of the products either with the same color or two different colors.

Although on top of search results, Brothers With Glass has a limited number of weed grinders on their website.

They have free shipping in the US and hassle-free returns. As long as you returned the item bought within 30 days, you won’t have to pay restocking fees.



This 4-piece grinder is from Sharpstone. It differentiates itself from other grinders since this contraption has its own crank which makes it more comfortable to use and requires less grip strength from the user.

Weed Be Cute offers the fewest diversity when it comes to grinders.

But surprisingly, they also offer the most affordable ones.

They ship for free for orders above $99 in the US so if you’re going to pick up a grinder, you might want to check on their other products as well.



This 4-piece grinder is a must-have since it has a larger storage space compared to most grinders in the market. Having this much space provides convenience as you won’t have to grind your stash over and over to have enough for a few uses.

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