Best Places To Buy Vaporizers Online

Shopping for vaporizers in physical stores is time-consuming and expensive. Due to online shopping availability, buying vaporizers is now an easy task anywhere, anytime! We’ve rounded up ten of the best online stores right now to help you decide where to buy your trusty devices. Here is the list of the best place to buy vaporizers online!

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Established in 2013, Vaporizer Chief dominates the online space by providing its consumers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. They are the authorized dealer of well-known vaporizer brands such as Pulsar and Atmos. Vaporizer Chief prioritizes customer service, which allows them to lead the pack.

Smoke Cartel’s goal is to provide an immersive, inclusive, and meaningful experience for all types of consumers. That, of course, includes providing the best option for vaporizers in the market. While they specialize in glass products, Smoke Cartel also excels in delivering high-quality vaporizers, ensuring that users get the best possible service.

Grasscity started as a way to fill the gap in a growing market of smoking paraphernalia. Today, they have expanded to become one of the most-known online headshops. Their catalog of vaporizers expands from portable ones up to table-top variants. With Grasscity, you get to explore the world of vaporizers with their easy-to-use user interface that’s intuitive and clean.

Vivant is one of the stores that specialize in making vaporizers. As their main product, their vaporizers have the highest quality, bearing a sleek and minimalist design. Aside from vaporizers, they also sell vaporizer accessories and replacement parts if you break or lose them. Everything you need is here in Vivant, ranging from dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, and oil vaporizers. Based on their tagline, indeed, it is a good life with them.

True to its name, DaVinci pushes for constant innovation and development in how people consume weed. As of writing, they have two vaporizer models out in the market. One is a dry herb vaporizer, and the other is a dual-vaporizer that works with concentrates, too! They may not have the most products to sell, but they take pride in mastering the act of vaporizing, one product at a time.

O2 Vape takes pride in producing high-quality vaporizer pens that are portable and easy to use. They have tested their products to ensure only the best for their customers. O2 Vape carries standard vape pen kits, disposable vape pens, pod vape pens, wax vape pens, and vape pen accessories.

Out of all the online headshops in this list, Breazy Green has the most diverse catalog for vaporizers. They offer products from Kandy Pens to Ooze with a huge variation in pricing. If you prefer to vaporize dry herbs or waxes, Breazy Green has got you covered with incredibly low prices and great discounts.

Inhalco, much like the online shops prior, sells products from various brands. However, the only difference is that there isn’t much of a variety. They have one from each product, but that’s about it. There are also instances when most of their catalog is sold out. But if you’re looking for vaporizers at a discounted price, Inhalco might be the right store for you. Other than vaporizers, they also carry pipes, honey straws, and accessories in their catalog.

Brothers With Glass excels in providing the best customer service. Out of all the online headshops listed here, they have the most customer-friendly rules. What makes them stand out from the other shops is that they favor their customers more than they favor the business itself. The good customer service stems from a dilemma they experienced before. Since then, they dreamed of providing only the best. Although they specialize in glass products such as bongs and pipes, Brothers With Glass slowly transitioned into smoking needs for concentrates users.

King’s Pipe originally started as an online headshop that sells grass products in the US. They take pride in easy website navigation and high-quality products, setting them apart from other competition. In 2016, they launched their own line of glass products that further propelled them to fame. All made in California, their products are affordable and made from incredibly durable glass. Currently, they don’t have their own line of vaporizers yet. However, they carry the industry’s well-known brands from Yocan, Kandy Pens to Dr. Dabber. There is a vaporizer for you, whatever your preferences may be.


All sites have their strong suit. If you’re new and trying to test the waters, for now, go for O2 Vape. They sell vape pens which you can start with. It’s also a selling point that they’re the most affordable in the group. In case you feel like vaporizers are not for you, it’s not much of a loss financially. But if you’re a customer who is loyal and values money, King’s Pipe is where you should buy your vaporizers. They have a reward system that gives back what you spend over time through discounts. Aside from this, they have a wide price range which lets you choose products depending on budget.

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