Best Places To Buy Vaporizers Online

Do you want to buy a vape online and don’t quit know what shop to get it from?

Don’t worry, I got your back.

In this article, I will show you my favourite online shops for buying vaporizers online.

Quick Answer

The first online shop on the list is Vaporizer Chief.

Vaporizer Chief carries a wide array of vaporizers in all price ranges.

One of the things I really love about Vaporizer Chief is that they have a handy guide that helps you pick the right vape for your needs.

With free shipping above $50 and an option for wholesale and bulk buying, savings is also one of the perks of shopping at Vaporizer Chief.

Smoke Cartel is friendly to first-time buyers or to those looking for further information about vaporizers.

The site is equipped with buying guides where customers would answer basic questions like, “Which material will you use?” or “Desktop or portable?”

The site also sells accessories and parts for existing vaporizers.

If you’re looking to have an extra, or change a part that’s broken, they might have what you are looking for.

This same goes with batteries or cartridges that need changing due to wear and tear.

Easy returns and customer service features will also make customers feel secure if they transact with the website as support is readily available for them.

For merchants that are doing dropshipping, Smoke Cartel is available for that function.

Same as Smoke Cartel, Grasscity also focuses on helping customers find their perfect match.

With its customer buying guide, the customer easily identifies which vaporizer should be purchased.

Grasscity also has a customer support service in case you have further questions about products, or questions about shipping and returning.

But before that, you can also check their FAQ to save you time for questions that were already answered in the past.

Out of all the sites, this is one of those who accept Bitcoin as a payment mode.

DaVinci is one of the brands that are on top of the market right now.

Being sold aside from its official website, DaVinci proves a reputation in the cannabis industry.

The website sports a sleek and easy to navigate design which would help the customer look for what they need in an instant.

DaVinci offers toll-free customer support for those who have questions or concerns about their products.

As an established brand, they have also added a store locator that would help customers find the nearest retail store based on their zip code.

They also support free shipping for checkouts over $100 for buyers in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Pick between choices of wax, oil, or weed concentrates from the products of Vivant.

Most of their products range from $100 below which is good if you’re on a budget or starting out to invest in your first vaporizer.

Although they do not sport a customer service as of writing, they do have free shipping for $50 and above.

Wholesale buying or bulk buying is also available through Vivant.

Of all the sites, O2 Vape sells the most affordable items in this bunch.

Their bestsellers include vape pens which are compact and portable.

You can choose from a collection of vape pens depending on their design or function.

They have vape pens that are aesthetically beautiful and those that scream minimal in design.

Most products start below $50 which makes it even more ideal to buy from if you’re starting out as a vaporizer user.

Breezy Green leads in customer service and inclusivity.

They have a phone and chat support which accommodates questions about products or any other queries that you might have as a customer.

Their site is equipped with an accessibility button which is helpful for people with disabilities or for those who have bad eyesight and need further guidance on the site.

With its wide selection of products based on price, you can go for items for as expensive as $300 or on the flip side as low as $50.

The site also offers free shipping for orders above $50.

Inhalco, by far, is the most flexible in terms of payment methods.

It supports most major brands with the addition of Apple Pay which makes transactions more seamless.

The site also supports a gift card system where you can buy gift cards from $25, $50, $100, and $200 which you can share with your friends or family to try out the products.

It does not differ much in terms of catalog – what you can see on other sites can also be found here, matching the competition’s pricing.

For those who are looking for compact and portable vaporizers, Brothers with Glass is the place for you.

Their collection of vaporizers range from pocket-sized vaporizers to pen vaporizers.

With that in mind, they aim for vaporizers to be brought anywhere and used anywhere for people on the go.

Added to their great range of product prices, they also ship in the US for free regardless of how much the order may be. Returns are also free within the first 30 days so you won’t worry about restocking fees that you may encounter.

The site also claims “VIP customer support” which works the same as how another customer support works.

King’s Pipe values the loyalty of their customers.

One of the gimmicks they have is a reward and point system that grants their customers discounts over time of buying products from their site.

For those on a budget, they also got you covered.

They have a specific tab where every product on sale is listed so you won’t have to scour the site looking for discounted products.

It sits right in front of you after opening the website. They offer a wide range of products based on pricing and they also accept Bitcoins as a mode of payment.


All sites have their strong suit. If you’re new and trying to test the waters for now, go for O2 Vape. They sell vape pens which you can start with. It’s also a selling point that they’re the most affordable in the group. In case you feel like vaporizers are not for you, it’s not much of a loss financially. But if you’re a customer who is loyal and values money, King’s Pipe is where you should buy your vaporizers. They have a reward system that gives back what you spend over time through discounts. Aside from which, they have a wide price range which lets you choose products depending on budget.