Best Places To Buy Rolling Papers Online

Rolling papers are made for easier smoking of weed. For a quick hit, all you need to do is to roll a joint and you’re all set. However, a great part that contributes to perfection is knowing which type of rolling paper you should use in rolling your joint and where to buy them.

To help you with that, I listed some of the best places to buy them based on price, use, and the possible places you can get them in bulk at a cheaper rate.

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Quick Answer

Grass City has a wide variety of rolling papers to choose from. You can choose from the most basic hemp rolling papers to even the ones with flavor variants. They also have choices for sizing depending on the kind of length that you would need. Their pricing is affordable considering the brands that they carry in their store.

RAW Classic King Size Rolls


Based on reviews, the brand RAW produces the best and most affordable products in Grass City. Each pack contains 3 meters of rolling paper which is a great deal considering its price. You can buy a pack, a pack of 5, and a box containing 50 packs. Its claim to fame is its additive-free ingredients which makes it burn slow and clean.

With the most reviews on the website, Smoke Cartel’s own rolling papers easily is their number one in its category.

However, since it is the best there is, it’s hard to know when it’s available because it sells out quickly.

Smoking "Thinnest" Rolling Papers


Smoking "Thinnest" Rolling Papers' claim to fame is its slow burn because of its thin papers. Made from Spain, it is made from Arabic gum adhesive for a cleaner taste.

Same as Smoke Cartel, Grasscity also focuses on helping customers find their perfect match.

With its customer buying guide, the customer easily identifies which vaporizer should be purchased.

Grasscity also has a customer support service in case you have further questions about products, or questions about shipping and returning.

But before that, you can also check their FAQ to save you time for questions that were already answered in the past.

Out of all the sites, this is one of those who accept Bitcoin as a payment mode.

Shine Papers


Indulge the king in you with these 24k Gold Rolling Sheets from Shine. Made with edible gold leaf, you will surely feel majestic with its slow burn that lets you enjoy every hit.


For those who value quality alongside price, the RAW Hemp Rolling Papers might be the right fit for you. They can be found in any of the three stores but Grass City sells the best deal since they sell it by the pack and not by the number of items required to be bought.

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