Where To Buy Flavored Rolling Papers Online?

Do you prefer to order your flavoured rolling papers online but aren’t quite sure where to buy them from? Don’t worry. I got you covered. Below is my ranking of the in my opinion best online shops to buy flavored rolling papers from. For the ranking, I took product pricing, product diversity, and availability as well as shipping time, shipping cost, and customer service into consideration.

Where To Buy Flavored Rolling Papers Online?

Grasscity is great with expanding its catalog. They used to only have a few selections for rolling paper. But now, they have added a bunch of them to choose from. Its flavored rolling papers are fruity and minty. According to reviews, the rolling papers give a subtle hint of added flavor. It’s not too overpowering to the point that you can’t taste the contents of it.

Skunk Blackberry Rolling Papers


The Skunk brand takes pride in being the first choice for weed needs since 1995. Their line of rolling papers contains 32 leaves per pack. All made in Spain with a stoner’s convenience in mind.

Unlike Grasscity, Dank Stop does not have a variety of products. However, they excel in providing various brands for customers. The shop carries well-known brands including their own product of unbleached rolling papers. The best thing about their products is that the customers can purchase one of their monthly subscription services and get everything in the pack at a discounted price.

Juicy Jay's Superfine Rolling Papers


The brand Juicy Jay's excels in producing premium quality rolling papers. Over time, they have made a name for themselves as one of the most sought-after producers of smoking materials. In addition to their catalog, the Superfine Flavored Rolling Papers series launches a new era of experience for smoking. Available in 7 flavors and singles and 3-pack sizes, the Superfine category is something to check out.

Hippie Butler is one of the few online headshops that sell a wide variety of flavored rolling papers. While some stores have one or two products with different variants, Hippie Butler covers the fruity, minty, and candy-flavored rolling papers with brands to choose from. They also offer a monthly subscription service where you get to build your own “box.” The box can include rolling papers, trays, and other paraphernalia.

Frootie Doobie Juicy Rolling Papers


Hippie Butler leads the game with its bundle and subscription packs. Taking that route, they’ve launched the flavored rolling papers bundle that includes 11 fruity flavors from Juicy Jay. Why pay for a pack of rolling papers if you can pay for one pack and take 10 others, right?

Breazy Greens leads in having an extensive catalog choice. Aside from flavored rolling papers, they also offer organic and rice rolling papers. If that isn’t variety, we don’t know what is. They also pride themselves on good customer service. There are a lot of discounts and freebies when you purchase on the website.

Original Hydro Lemon Wraps


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