What Is The Best Type Of Weed Grinder?

While you are now sold to the idea of owning a weed grinder, there are still questions to answer. Are you having troubles with choosing the right type of weed grinder for you? Here is a quick guide on choosing what is the best type of weed grinder.

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Quick Answer

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What Kinds of Weed Grinders Are There?

There are a lot of types of weed grinders.

One might choose because of its shape, size, price, and function.

Are you someone who wants quick results? We have a two-chamber grinder for you.

But if you are someone looking for speed and power, an electric grinder might be the right fit for you.

Two-Piece Grinders

This is the most simple type of grinder.

It has two parts, hence its name.

You have the lid and the body where you put in the buds.

The inside part of the body is laid out with sharp spikes that act as teeth to grind the weed.

The only downside to this is that since it only has two chambers, the kief mixes with the ground buds making them harder to separate.

There are also times wherein the buds and kief get stuck on the rim of the grinder which you would need a scraper to extract it.

Two-piece grinders are more affordable compared to other grinder types.

These grinders are often made from wood, plastic, or metal.

Wooden and plastic grinders are more affordable compared to metal ones.

But overall, metal grinders are more durable.

Acrylic 2-Piece Grinder with Metal Teeth


Sold by pair, the Acrylic 2-Piece Grinder with Metal Teeth is a good start for someone new to weed grinding. For the price of one, you get to pick 2 of the products either with the same color or two colors of choice. There is also an option to allow Smoke Cartel to pick the colors for you randomly. It only has two layers and no catch basin. You get what you pay for.

Four-Piece Grinders

Although there is a big difference in price compared to two-piece grinders, four-piece grinders are more popular to stoners.

Since you are now working with four layers, each added layer provides an added function.

You still have the lid and the spikes but what gets added is the sieve layer which filters out the ground buds from the kief crystals.

Is it worth it? Definitely. The kief crystals catcher saves you when your stash temporarily runs out.

You can still use the kief for a joint saved by the bell.



This 4-piece grinder is a must-have since it has a larger storage space compared to most grinders in the market. Having this much space provides convenience as you won’t have to grind your stash over and over to have enough for a few uses.

Card Grinders

Ever thought of cheese graters made for weed? Card grinders are exactly that.

They are the easiest to store and carry as it lays flat like a card but they are also the messiest kind of grinder there is.

Like a cheese grater, it is laid out with small holes that ground weed upon contact.



The Grenco Weed Grinder is a must-have! There is nothing more discreet than this card grinder since it is not bigger than a credit card. It comes with a sleeve so you will be able to protect its blades from getting blunt.

Electric Grinders

For those who want to chill and relax, let electric grinders do all the grinding for you.

Electric grinders are deemed to be fast and efficient.

One downside is that sometimes, these grinders overdo the grinding and the output ends up too powdery.

Another downside is that it needs a power source to operate.

Most electric grinders are not battery operated.

So it is not advisable if you travel with your stash when most of the time, a power source is not readily available.

With those being said, this makes electric grinders the less popular option for stoners.



Wield the power of weed with the Grindhouse King Kut Weed Grinder. Powered by a 1000 mAh battery, the King Kut weed grinder could go cordless for a while. If the battery rans out, simply recharge the grinder using a USB cable that comes along with it.


If you are straightforward, two-piece weed grinders are the best type for you. They are affordable yet useful. They don’t do other functions aside from storing and grinding but it gets the job done.

But for more functions, choose the four-piece grinders as they will be more useful to you in the long run.

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