What Is The Best Type of Dab Nail?

Dab nails are essential accessories in performing a successful dab session. These little parts take all the heat needed to vaporize waxes or concentrates.

Although it is a newer approach to the consumption of Marijuana concentrates, it has become one of the chosen ways to enjoy cannabis

Dab nails have different types, too. We are going to identify which type of dab nail is the best type of dab nail.

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Dab Nails In Dabbing

Dabbing, or in layman’s terms heating up concentrates and waxes, is one of the 420 club’s newest trends. Since we are dealing with concentrates, it only means that a little goes a long way. Added to that, producing concentrates and waxes extract tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or the substance that makes you feel high.

One of the tools needed in dabbing is what’s called a dabbing nail. Dabbing nails can be confusing at times. To clear it out, a dabbing nail is a bowl you put the waxes or concentrates in. It is connected to either a bong or a bubbler through its downstem which then produces the vapor upon heating.

Aside from, that dab nails could be made from a lot of different materials such as glass, titanium, quartz, and ceramic.

Best Material for Dab Nails


In terms of popularity, Quartz nails are slowly catching up with glass nails. Quartz nails are like glass nails in steroids. They are more sturdy than glass nails so they don’t shatter upon minor falls. This material could also withstand a quicker heat-up time without breaking or shattering. It also produces a good taste out of the waxes and concentrates compared to the glass or Titanium nail variants.

This Quartz nail looks like a glass nail at first glance. But for sure, it is better than the average glass nail.


Due to its function and quality, glass is the most common type of dab nail. It is affordable, yet it gets the job done. Most stoners prefer a glass nail over other dab nail types since it does not alter the taste of whatever is heated on it. Instead, it lets the flavors taste how it should.

This is an example of a glass nail. It is usually made out of borosilicate glass which is a durable type of glass. It also has different sizes depending on the dab rig’s specifications. This one here is a 14.5 mm joint.


Last but not least, the Ceramic type of dab nails is in between a glass and a Quartz dab nail. They are more durable than a glass nail but not as durable as their Quartz counterpart. Like the glass nails, the Ceramic nails also should be heated in a slower manner to avoid cracking under extreme heat.

This domeless ceramic nail fits 14.5mm or 18.8mm joints depending on the dab rig’s specifications.


For stoners on a budget, the Titanium nail might be a perfect choice. But again, because it is cheaper compared to the other dab nails, it could have its fair share of downsides too. Although it is durable and unbreakable since it is made from metal, it is said to have a burnt metal aftertaste. Aside from that, because metals are conductors, a titanium dab nail might transfer its heat to the glass pipe it is connected to which might cause breakage.

This titanium nail from Flux is made out of Grade 2 Titanium. As most Titanium nails do, it is also able to withstand extreme heat. Along with this, it is also good during constant heating and cooling.

What Is The Best Type of Dab Nails?

Dab Nails With Dome

Aside from the difference in material, dab nails also differ in shape which affects how the vapor is retained and absorbed as vapor. Dome dab nails are traditional since these types of dab nails require a dome cap that traps the vapor during the heating process. It traps the heat inside and distributes it evenly until the wax or concentrate evaporates.

This dome dab nail is made from thick, clear, glass. It is claimed to be sturdy despite its material. It fits a 10mm joint.

Domeless Dab Nails

Meanwhile, Domeless dab nails have a deeper bowl compared to their dome counterpart. This allows the user to produces a more potent and bigger hit since there is more space for a product to be used. Since domeless dab nails are now more popular with stoners, the use of carb caps is also rising.

What’s cool about this domeless dab nail is that its tip narrows down upon nearing the end. In that way, it is easier to attach it to the dab rig. It fits a 10mm, 14.5mm, and 18.8mm joint.

Carb Cap

A carb cap is a small accessory for domeless dab nail users. It is a small cover that is put over a heated dab nail which allows the wax or concentrates to sizzle on top of the heated dab nail.

This is a cute carb cap from Pulsar. With a top resembling a UFO, it is a novelty carb cap that gets the job done, alien style.


For starters, it is good to start with a domeless glass dab nail. They are easy to find, affordable, and gets the job done.

After a while, if you would continue using waxes and concentrates as a way to smoke, then investing in a Quartz domeless dab nail is the best way to go since it makes the material taste better plus it is durable and easy to find.

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