What is THCV?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin, popularly known as THCV, is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is commonly found in Cannabis. It is popular to produce a euphoria of becoming motivated, alert, and energizing feeling.

Since THCV is a cannabinoid, it works with our endocannabinoid system, which regulates our physical and mental well-being. Thus, it affects our body dealing with stress and anxiety, how we sleep and eat, and even our hormone levels.

What is THCV?

What are the effects of THCV?

Possible results have been proven with THCV. Even though more research is needed to explore the effect of THCV on the human body, researchers have identified a variety of therapeutic uses. Some of its inherent results are the following:

  1. THCV Reduces Appetite. THCV suppresses a person’s appetite, which is why it is suitable for consumers focusing on losing weight. However, people who suffer from appetite loss or anorexia must avoid THCV because it can worsen their condition.
  2. THCV Lessen Panic Attack. One of the known effects of THCV is it controls anxiety attacks. It is beneficial for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) patients in managing their anxiety without suppressing emotion.
  3. THCV Regulates Sugar Level. Another notable benefit of THCV is its potential to lessen blood sugar levels. A person with a high blood sugar level is at risk of having various health issues such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Regulating your blood sugar levels is vital to keep your body healthy and fit.
  4. THCV Reduces Inflammation. Another ability of THCV which is beneficial to our body is decreasing inflammation. Though inflammation is an essential immune response that can help fight infection in our body, it can also result in pain and heat when too much.
  5. THCV Stimulates Bone Growth. One of the promising effects of THCV is its ability to help the production of new bone cells, which results in bone growth stimulation. It has been known that it incites bone nodules formation and collagen production, which helps the growth of the bones. With this potential effect, the medical world sees it as a treatment of bone generative diseases like osteoporosis, although it needs more research to understand its scope fully.

Does THCV get you high?

THCV induces a psychotropic effect; therefore, it can get you high when intake by the body. However, one must consume relatively high quantities of THCV before getting its intoxicating effects. Thus, making it intoxicating when taken in low dosage, while it can make you feel high when consumed in high dosage.

Is it safe to use THCV?

While there is a need to learn more about THCV, experts would say it is safe to try. In a study of intaking THCV doses of up to 10 mg per day for 13 weeks, some participants felt more tired than usual. That is why it is not advisable to do long drives after consuming high doses of THCV. 

Nevertheless, it is best to consult a healthcare specialist before trying any vitamins or supplements, including cannabis products.

How THCV differs from THC?

THCV and THC are cannabinoids that can induce psychoactive effects if intake in high enough doses. The two of them share a lot of similarities, especially in the structure. Enumerated below are some of the known differences between THCV and THC.

  1. THCV is commonly found in African Cannabis strains, while THC is found in most other cannabis strains.
  2. THCV provides a clear-headed stimulating effect, while THC gives off a more intoxicating effect.
  3. THCV is an appetite suppressant, while THC is an appetite stimulant.
  4. THCV helps reduce panic attacks, while THC can provoke paranoia or anxiety.

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Where can I buy THCV?

THCV’s unique and potential effect attracts more attention from consumers and businesses. Nevertheless, it is not produced in high concentration, except for a few predominantly African Cannabis strains. Thus, it is hard to find a pure THCV extract or purely THCV oil product. Your best choice is finding a generic full-spectrum cannabis extract oil that contains THCV in its cannabinoid profile. To be guided even better, here are some helpful ways for locating THCV:

  1. Look for African Cannabis strains. African varieties are known to be abundant with THCV, especially landrace strains from Africa.
  2. Explore Parent Genetics. If you have trouble finding African strains, you may look for other hybrid strains with African genetics. You may ask budtenders for lineage formation to determine African hybrids or look them up on leafy.com.
  3. Ask Test Results. Ask your budtenders for lab-tested strains to ensure you are getting a rich THCV product since genetics alone cannot guarantee a high-THCV content, and cannabinoids contents may vary from harvest to harvest.

What strains are dominant in THCV?

The following strains are best known to be having higher than average THCV contents. These strains can be consumed in either flower form or extracts and oils for a higher concentration of cannabinoids. Strains like Doug’s Varin and Pineapple Purps are specially bred to contain higher contents of THCV.

  1. Doug’s Varin. It is a rare sativa that contains a high amount of the cannabinoid THCV. People who suffer from anorexia must avoid consuming Doug’s Varin as THCV may suppress hunger. This strain produces an earthy pine and sweet citrus aroma that can stimulate a clear-headed burst that does not last long. Thus, Doug’s Varin is perfect for consuming for someone who is asking for short-term effects.
  2. Pineapple Purps. Pineapple Purps is a sativa-dominant strain that was found to contain a high THCV cannabinoid profile. This strain is expressed in a ratio of 3:1 of THC: THCV. Thus, making this strain highly psychoactive when someone intakes it. However, its effects generally would not last long.
  3. Durban Poison. This strain can be found in the port city of Durban of South Africa. It is famous for its sweet smell and energizing effects. Thus, making it the perfect strain to keep yourself stay vigorous through a busy day. Its large resin glands make this strain the best choice for concentrate extraction.
  4. Power Plant. The Power Plant is a sativa strain that is made from African Sativa. It has a woody, earthy and spicy aroma, and it tastes sharp and peppery. It stimulates a clear-headed effect and will make you feel happy and creative. This strain grows fast and can adapt well to any environment. Its high potency makes it allowable to be consumed by people with high THC tolerance.
  5. Red Congolese. People may argue that Red Congolese is an African Sativa; this strain may be traced in Mexican and Afghani roots, making it more indica-like. The sativa genetics that dominates in this strain results in a euphoria that stimulates focus and mental clarity. Red Congolese is suitable for morning treatment such as nausea, cachexia, and tension.
  6. Durban Cheese. The Durban Cheese is a hybrid strain of Durban Poison and Cheese. It produces a delicious lemon and cheese aroma and is perfect for stress relieving and treating mild pain.


Like any other cannabinoids, Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THC is still under a series of studies to understand it better. Yet, its effect has proven its worth for people to consume them. However, you have to be wary when if you try it. So, you have to consult a healthcare specialist before trying any vitamins or supplements, including cannabis products.

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