What Is CBD Tea Good For?

According to preclinical studies, CBD tea can help treat anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, and pain. These studies are supported by the experience of individuals who have benefited from drinking CBD-infused teas. Anyhow, not all CBD teas are created equal and vary in strength and thus effectiveness.

CBD tea contains an active dose of cannabidiol extract that works on the body’s endocannabinoid system, responsible for maintaining homeostasis or the internal balance of the cells in the body, and has none of the psychoactive side effects of marijuana.

It is gaining popularity because it’s a healthier way to enjoy cannabis, with longer and more intense effects compared to smoking. The caffeine in the tea provides balance to the slight sedative effects of the cannabidiol.

Even preparing it is easy! Just mix it with a blend of tea leaves, or add a few drops of CBD oil to your tea.

What Is CBD Tea Good For??

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Does CBD Tea Help Against Stress And Anxiety?

A lot of CBD drinkers claim that drinking CBD tea helped eliminate their stress and anxiety.

2020 surveillance study (published in Science Direct) reported that CBD users mainly discuss it as a therapeutic remedy for stress, anxiety, and pain.

2015 clinical study (published in NCBI) highlights CBD’s potential use as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders. Its preclinical studies also show that evidence from human studies strongly supports its therapeutic use. However, further studies are needed for CBD’s chronic administration.

Kimberly from Realsimple.com did a one-week experiment for the stress-reducing and anxiolytic effects of CBD tea, using only small doses. She concluded in her investigation that, "It did not totally eliminate the anxiety or associated stress, but it felt as if it took the sharp edge of the running worries and constant stream of thoughts,"

"I felt calmer, though not at all high," she suggests.

If you are trying to relieve stress and anxiety by drinking CBD tea, the recommended dose for first-timers would be between 20-40mg per day, which is the usual dose of CBD tea available in the market.

Just make sure only to drink high-quality CBD teas! For beginner CBD tea drinkers who want to start at a lower dose, I recommend The Hemp Division’s Chill 8 CT Sachets in Chamomile Mint 16MG.

If you are someone who’s busy and in need of a perfect balance. Then check out Empress Teas’ Morning & Evening Bundle. It’s skillfully crafted with a morning tea that helps you stay calm and alert bundled with a soothing, well-deserved relaxing tea at night after a busy day.

Does CBD Tea Help With Insomnia And Sleeping Disorders?

CBD is famous for the benefits of having a good night’s sleep. It is known to induce complete relaxation to the mind and body and help with short-term sleep problems.

In fact, a 2019 crossover study (published in NCBI) suggests that a dose of 160 mg provides an increased sleep duration. Researchers discovered that subjects displayed a notable decrease in anxiety compared to treating their sleep disorders upon taking CBD.

2021 study (published in Biomedcentral) states that CBD helps with sleep disorders by acting on the other self-perceived aspects of stress and anxiety that indirectly contribute to reducing sleep problems.

Having CBD tea that helps you reach dreamland can be achieved when mixing it with tea varieties such as chamomile, lavender, and peppermint. A tea made of calming herbs that work in synergy, like Transcendental Sleep Hand Crafted Herbal Tea, can improve sleep quality.

Can CBD Help In Menopause?

Menopause is a natural condition in women between the ages of 45-55, which typically lasts around seven years.

CBD is also recognized to help restore balance and ease unpleasant symptoms related to menopause.

2017 study (published in Taylor and Francis Online) suggests that women of different ages experience relief from female-specific hormonal conditions like PMS, joint pain, stress, depression, and irritability after using CBD.

Mood changes are typically related to anxiety and depression, which is why it is helpful in menopause. Although it cannot help with all symptoms, it improves mood regulation and sleeps disorders.

Can Children Drink CBD Tea?

It is illegal to give children any drink or substance that contains CBD.

Typically, only children diagnosed with rare types of epilepsy and seizures like the Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome can be prescribed CBD by a licensed doctor.

Will CBD Tea Make Me Test Positive For Marijuana?

CBD won’t make you test positive for marijuana because drug tests don’t screen CBD. Drug tests only screen THC levels. In some cases, traces of THC may be found due to contamination of the manufacturing process and the lack of testing and mislabel of ingredients in the product. If enough THC is present, it will show a positive result in drug tests.

Pure CBD products will not cause a positive result because it does no contain much THC, so be sure to always source pure, quality CBD products with complete labels just like Hakuna Supply’s CBD Matcha Green Tea | Buddha Tea of 18 Bags, tested with zero percent THC.

How To Prepare CBD Tea?

CBD tea comes in different kinds and is readily available in the market. You could brew a fresh cup of CBD tea or brew a herbal tea of your choice and add a few drops of CBD oil or tincture.

If it’s your first time indulging in CBD tea, we recommend that you start with a very small dose of 1-5mg and gradually increase until you get the desired effect. Make sure your sources are verified and tested, and always purchase your hemp tea only from reputable source like the CBD Oils from Diamond CBD.

Tea is fun to make, as you can also add herbal extracts, sweeteners, and flavors if you want. Feel free to experiment to create a drink that suits your taste to make your experience with hemp tea more delectable.

Other Known Benefits Of CBD Tea

CBD has a recognized history that is beneficial in the medical field. Ancient physicians have been using its therapeutic use by mixing it with medicines to treat different kinds of ailments.

Presently, cannabis is known to be an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory, an effective drug to alleviate pain.

In a 2008 study (published in NCBI), researchers indicate that some individuals have reported CBD as an accepted drug of choice because of its therapeutic ability to control pain.

Since CBD has been linked to reducing inflammation, some individuals also suggest that it is also helpful in supporting gut health.

Cannabis tea is indeed one drink that is helpful to calm the mind. It can also be infused in synergy with herbs, essential oils, and fruit extract to maximize its benefits. To fully savor this salutary drink, always ensure your safety and check first its legality in your country. If you want to try other kinds of CBD products, check out our post: Best Place To Buy CBD Online: The Top 10 CBD Online Shops

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