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One of a kind glass pipes: top 10

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Recently I came across a lot of fancy, and detailed one of a kind glass pipes on social media.

I was surprised how much detail a glass blower can manage to put on a small hand pipe.

Immediately I became obsessed with glass pipes.

I never even really had a closer look at them before because they seemed cheap to me (the reason for that is that I only ever got to see very poorly manufactured shitty looking ones).

Proper Bongs and Vapes just seemed so superior to small handpipes.

After seeing those pretty pipes all over instagram and youtube I Couldn’t help but wanting to own one.

But getting a decent one without going bankrupt turned out to be a harder challenge than expected.

Turns out amazon only really sells crappy pipes.

So I went to a local head shop and had a look at their pipes. I immediately noticed the price tags!!

It was horrendous. Up to $150 for a little pretty handblown pipe just like the ones that I looked for, just that I didn’t expect the cheapest pipe to be well over $75.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying over a hundred bucks on a pipe but that one was just too shitty. It just had nothing special about it.

Frustrated I went back home and did a couple more searches asking myself: “How in the world can I get a heady, high quality and detailed hand pipe.”

After  doing some research I found the solution.

If you want to get cheap heady glass you have to buy it online!

There is no way around it. Buying it in a store will cost you an arm and a leg.

Due to the popularity of exotic, handblown sometimes even custom made glass pipes retailers can easily charge double or triple of wholesale price and still sell high quantities.

I ended up adding way more pipes to my cart than I would possibly ever need.

Check out below my favourites out of my collection.

Top ten cute and gimmicky pipes


Mini glass elephant hand pipe

This is probably the cutest way to get high. If you are looking for a present for a stoner girl you probably found what she wants. And it also comes in different colours in case she’s picky.

It is made from thick glass and is way sturdier than one would expect. The most important feature for me is the deep bowl. Don’t get deceived by its cute looks. This little pipe can hold a load to tranquilize and elephant.  

When i got this one for my girlfriend it was on special for $19 and the non discounted price was advertised as $25.


Lollipop swirl glass pipe

I am not gonna lie, I slightly favoured this one due to its insane affordability. $40 for Mathematix glass and it ships for free? really?
Seems to good to be true, but its true.
Again this piece  probably addresses more the girly parts of the demographics.


Glass grenade pipes

This pipe is the bomb! 

This pipe has a bowl so big it will get you explosively high if you pack it full.

Even though it is made from extremely thick glass I wouldn’t recommend throwing it around.


Tentacle spoon pipe

Another Example of excellent glass work by a fellow stoner.

Featuring a deep bowl this piece will easily satisfy your smoke cravings. The details are worked into the piped solidly and wont come off in a lifetime.

This piece is the perfect companion for watching documentaries about marine life. 


Ice cream cone pendant pipe

This is the perfect pendant to wear when going to the beach or anywhere else really.

Losing your papers or getting them wet wont ever destroy your day out anymore. And lets face it this is so much easier than bringing a bong.

It is made from thick steardy glass and is easy to clean.


Coconut colada bong

I know this is not a hand pipe. But its terribly unique and defenetly an eye catcher!
And after we got beachy with number #6 I just had to put it in the listing.

It features a fixed downstem with a deep bowl to make sure you can feel tropical even in winter.

it comes with a 14mm female joint so it will fit all your 14mm male joint pieces.


Surfboard hand pipe

Must have for any surfer! Obviously Ideal as a gift.

Perfectly finished Mathematix glass pipe with minimalistic design.

Overall it is a kicker and also a bargain. At least when I bought it for $27.


Rocket ship double bowl steamroller

The first thing that I will smoke when Bitcoin goes to the moon for sure. Until then it’s double bowl will make sure anyone into crypto or not won’t die of FOMO or just everyday life stress.

Features thick glass and did I mention it has 2 damn bowls?

Do you really still have questions? 


Pipe mug

Don’t like the painful reality of Monday mornings in the office nor whiskey in your coffee?

I got your back bro!

Also adds a lot of convenience to any wake and bake.

The cup is big enough for the kind of coffee a stoner needs in the morning.


Zak the zebra mini Bong / bong

I don’t even know where to star with this one!
This Bong is for sure a one of a kind glass pipe. It’s beauty is hard to describe but you will know straight away what i mean when you hold it yourself. 

14mm female join and fixed downstem. Just the way it has to be. 

The bowl I well sized and can easily be replaced with any other male 14mm bowl.



By now you are probably curious how those pipes are actually made. 


The presidential pipe
One pipe to rule them all. An absolute outstanding masterpiece. accurate hand size, perfect hair and accurate natural orange skin colour. Make America baked again.

super heady glass pipes

dragon pipe

This piece is made form amber glass and is decorated with 3 dragons and some other smaller accents.

An absolute must have if you are into medieval fantasy or just want to breath fire after taking a hit out of this pipe.

Choral reef glass pipe

This pipe is one of my favourite heady pieces I ever got to see.
The amount of detail on this little pipe is absolutely astonishing.

Every time after I take a hit of this beauty I get completely lost inspecting all the tiny details on it.

Talking about functionality. Lets just say it gets me as dumb as dory every time I smoke it. 

Is there really more you need to know?

Penguin pipe

I love this pipe for having an arctic themed session in winter.

Just take a hit, watch a movie in bed and hibernate.

It’s so much fun!


Octopus pipe

Another sea theme hand pipe.

I love how colourful this piece is and if you fell like the octopus is staring at you, you know you had enough.

Honourable mentions

Ever seen a hurricane perc?


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