One Of A Kind Glass Pipes: Top 10

Recently, I came across a lot of fancy and detailed one of a kind glass pipes on social media. I was surprised how much detail a glass blower can manage to put on a small hand pipe. I immediately became obsessed with glass pipes. I never even really had a closer look at them before because they seemed cheap to me (the reason for that is that I only ever got to see very poorly manufactured shitty looking ones).

Proper Bongs and Vapes just seemed superior to small hand pipes. After seeing those pretty pipes all over Instagram and YouTube I couldn’t help but wanting to own one. But getting a decent one without going bankrupt turned out to be a harder challenge than expected.

As it turns out, Amazon only really sells crappy pipes. So I went to a local head shop and had a look at their pipes. I immediately noticed the price tags! It was horrendous. Up to $150 for a little pretty handblown pipe just like the ones that I looked for, just that I didn’t expect the cheapest pipe to be well over $75.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying over a hundred bucks on a pipe but that one was just too shitty. It just had nothing special about it. Frustrated, I went back home and did a couple more searches asking myself: "How in the world can I get a heady, high quality and detailed hand pipe." After doing some research, I found the solution.

If you want to get cheap heady glass you have to buy it online! There is no way around it. Buying it in a store will cost you an arm and a leg. Due to the popularity of exotic, handblown, sometimes even custom made glass pipes, retailers can easily charge double or triple of wholesale price and still sell high quantities.

I ended up adding way more pipes to my cart than I would possibly ever need. Check out below my favorites out of my collection.

One of a Kind Glass Pipes: Top 10

One pipe to rule them all. An absolute outstanding masterpiece. Accurate hand size, perfect hair and accurate natural orange skin color. Make America baked again.

Jigglypuff being one of the most beloved Pokemon characters is one of this hand pipe’s selling points. With its kawaii design, the Jigglypuff hand pipe will surely make you feel relaxed and calm just like the original Pokemon.

Indulge yourself with this ocean-inspired hand pipe! It features baby turtles swimming on their way to the bowl of the pipe. Coral reefs surround them in a Blue color-combination. Every hit will be a breeze from the ocean.

It’s time to rock and roll with the horned skull hand pipe. With its pipe being the skull, and the backbones being the stem, there is no way that you will not achieve Nirvana with every hit. It sure does give you the creeps, but it also gives you the enlightenment that you wish.

If you love the tiny critters of the outdoors, this squirrel’s nest hand pipe is perfect for you! It features a standard hand pipe with a bowl deep enough for your stash. What an adorable pipe to add to someone’s collection.

Blast off to the moon in every hit! Since this pipe is freezable, it enables a cooler and smoother hit. Available in 4 colors, choose the right one that fits your out-of-this-world personality. It’s really a pipe for everyone… Even aliens.

If critters don’t scare you, this hand pipe is perfect for you. The glass spider hand pipe is one of its kind, aside from its design, because it has larger storage for weeds compared to other hand pipes. The mouthpiece of this hand pipe can be seen hidden in one of the spider’s front legs. Available in multiple colors, the glass spider hand pipe is a sure conversation piece with your company.

Do you sometimes wanna chill? Get something cold to eat? Worry no more! Empire Glassworks got you covered with their ice cream hand pipe. With an ice cream design, this pipe is sure to get your smoking experience better with its controlled hits. This is allowed by an extra carb hole on the left side of the pipe. Chill out and enjoy the cold with this ice cream hand pipe.

Hoot your way up to your desired high with this Owl hand pipe. The pipe’s bowl acts like the whole body of the owl. Complete with a beak, pair of eyes, and distinguishable eyebrows, it’s a fun way to look at a stoner from the front.

Travel to another dimension with the infamous Rick and Morty dimension dial pipe! Complete with a few buttons and the light source, the bowl lays flat on the upside of the pipe. Who knows, maybe you’ll tap into the dimension you’ve been craving through this dimension dial pipe.

For our water pipe users out there, here’s a gift for you. Add this under the sea glass bowl for your attachments and look cool while smoking. It features a small fish inside that keeps you company while smoking.

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