The Coolest Weed Rolling Trays

Rolling trays help stoners to gather weed that gets spilled while rolling. It is an important tool that needs attention, too. Choosing the right rolling tray for your use may be based on size, the material used, and the cool design on it. To help you out, we have compiled the coolest weed rolling trays.

The Coolest Weed Rolling Trays

Feel the lion’s power with every roll on this rolling tray. Enjoy the graphic and colorful lion that guides with your every roll.

Are you a RAW Hemp Rolling Paper user? What better way to roll your weeds away with this RAW rolling tray! Its main selling point is its high sides that ensures no weed gets thrown by accident.

What time is it? It’s 420! Get reminded to roll a joint every time you see this 420 rolling tray from Puff Puff. What better way to know it’s time than a 420 text written with Marijuana leaves?

Tell the world or the universe, how high you are with this out-of-this-world rolling tray from Kill Your Culture! Imagine being this high that your words don’t make sense.

Do you know what’s funny? This pun-intended rolling tray from Kill Your Culture. You may try to hide how baked you are but Mariguana hides it better… Because she’s… An Iguana… You get it.

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. What better way to get high than with your own best friend? The Nola Siberian Husky dog rolling tray features a graphic Husky to guide you on your way to being high like how they do in the cold mountains.

Whether you believe in heaven or in hell, this rolling tray from Jay and Silent Bob will surely bring you to heaven and back. With “Buddy Christ” on the tray, the heavens will be by your side.

Roll a joint, smoke it, and space out with this galaxy-themed rolling tray. With specs of blue and violet colors, this rolling tray mimics the galaxy and the cosmos to help you relax and have fun.

Available in two sizes, the Puff Pass Ganja Rolling Tray is one colorful rolling tray. It features a graphic and modern design along with calligraphy designed “Ganja,” which happens to be “weed” in Hindi. Made from aluminum, it is guaranteed to be durable.

If we have the King of the Jungle in this list, of course, we also have his spouse. The Puff Pass Lioness Rolling Tray is designed with graphic artwork of a lioness ready to claim the thrown. It features rounded edges and a non-stick surface. Available in two sizes.

Here’s another cool design from Puff Puff Pass. This hemp rolling tray sports a psychedelic design with a weird-looking creature holding weed in its hands. Available in two sizes, the hemp rolling tray also comes in rounded edges to prevent weed from getting stuck in corners.

Who doesn’t love dogs, right? With the Puff Puff Pass Dog Rolling Tray, get high together with a man’s best friend looking straight at you as you roll a joint away. It is also available in two sizes which is great if you prefer your other gear on the rolling tray as well.

Looking for something more unique? This silicone concentrate tray might be the tray for you. Because it is made from silicon, it has a non-slip grip on any surface that you would put it on. Although its bottom has a strong grip, the top surface still enables non-stick qualities to ensure that no weed will stick on top. It is highly flexible which enables it to be packed into tight spaces for a means of easier transport.

Made by Famous Design, this aluminum rolling tray exudes quirkiness and personality. With a design called amnesia, this rolling tray will make you forget everything for a brief moment. Enjoy looking at its swirly design and a centerpiece star which is the brand’s logo.

Are you into Astrology? If so, then the space design in this rolling tray is perfect for you. Designed by Famous Design, it’s coincidental that their brand logo is a star which adds a cosmic effect to it. Laid out with lines, it mimics the vast space upon us. Made from aluminum, it features a non-stick surface that prevents the goods from sticking on it.

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