The 5 Coolest Mug Pipes To Smoke Weed

Say goodbye to the old and boring dry pipes and hello to mug pipes! Spice up how you look by changing into these amazingly-designed pipes. Available in tons of designs, never worry about not finding the one that fits you. Dive into the world of mug pipes and the coolest mug pipes in the market!

What Are The Coolest Mug Pipes To Smoke Weed?

We’re unsure if this Panda is dizzy because it hasn’t had its coffee or if it has been stoned too early in the morning. With a graphic Panda face, what a great way to start the morning with this cute being! What a better way to have an early pick me up and evening put me down in one.

A double-walled ceramic mug and a pipe in one? What a steal! Take this vintage-looking Barrel of Fun pipe mug for a casual hit or a session with friends. We’re sure it’ll be the talk of the town once it lays flat on the table.

Looking for an out-of-this-world treat? Come say “we come in peace” with this alien porcelain mug. Complete with a stoned alien, the way its arms and hands are positions completes the vibe. It’s about time that we fly high into space… In a stoner kind of way.

Go medieval witch or wizard with his skull-shaped pipe mug! You can now pretend to use a skull as something else without cutting someone’s head off. Complete with a missing tooth detail, this skull is one spooky pipe.

Who doesn’t love doughnuts and mugs, right? What more if it comes with a pipe! Imagine having a lazy day, drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, and smoking weed. But remember to hold off caffeine. It doesn’t work well with weed.