The Best Places To Buy Pre-Rolled Cones Online

Rolling a joint could be tedious sometimes. That’s the exact reason why pre-rolled cones are made for! We looked for the best places to buy pre-rolled cones online and here are some that we found out about.

What are the best places to buy pre-rolled cones?

Hippie Butler is an online shop that offers a monthly subscription of anything you need from rolling papers to lighters. Their monthly subscription can be customized depending on which items you need from them. All you need to do is to answer a quick survey of the things you need so they could tailor fit the box they’ll be sending in for the month. They are partnered with the top brands in the industry so it isn’t hard for you to find the things that you need from them.

Smoke Cartel became one of the top online headshops over time due to its dedication to providing an option for wholesale buying. Through their wholesale buying program, they were able to sell a large number of goods to willing buyers at a discounted price.

That same principle is observed too in their pre-rolled cones. If you want to get cones in bulk, Smoke Cartel is the best place to accomplish that. Although they sell pre-rolled cones in a smaller number too, what seems to be popular is the wholesale selling.


Being one of the best in the rolling scene, RAW is inclined to also produce a boxed version of their pre-rolled cones. Much like their regular rolling papers, their pre-rolled cones are also of top quality. It is in fact one of Smoke Cartel's best-selling pre-rolled cones in their stores.

If you have an eye for design and style, Weed Be Cute’s selection of pre-rolled cones might be for you. What sets their products apart is the fact that they took time to think of cool designs to put on the pre-rolled cones. Smoking will never be boring again with their designer pre-rolled cones.


Smoke in beauty with the Secret Garden-designed pre-rolled cones from Weed Be Cute. Made from hemp seed and soy oils which are both natural, these pre-rolled cones are ultra-thin and would burn at a slow rate.

4. Breazy Green

Breazy Green is one of the online headshops that give great value for your money. Aside from pre-rolled cones, they also carry other smoking paraphernalia like pipes and vaporizers. Rolling papers are also available here in case you prefer those better than cones.


Rolling your first joint? Check out these pre-rolled cones from OCB. They're unbleached, virgin, chlorine-free, non-GMO, and all-natural! Only the best for the first experience.

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