The Best Places To Buy Dab Rigs Online

Dab rigs are sought after because of their compactness. They do what a bong can do but requires smaller space to operate. Aside from that, it delivers a more potent flavor since dab rigs use waxes and concentrates to produce vapor. Looking to buy one for yourself? Here are the best places to buy dab rigs online!

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Grass City is one of the most respected headshops online. They carry almost any cannabis paraphernalia. One of which is the dab rig. They carry mostly traditional dab rigs – glass, with a percolator, with an option to have a recycler with it. They also carry e-rigs which are the newer versions of dab rigs that either use batteries or a power source to heat up vapors. They have good deals and often go on sale so you’re likely to get dab rigs at a discounted price.

Dust Devil Sidecar Hybrid Dab Rig With Showearhead Percolator


Made by Evolution, this glass dab rig is a great deal considering the accessories that come with it. Because it is made of borosilicate glass, it is more durable compared to other glass types. It can withstand extreme heat that is used to heat up the nail that comes with it. Equipped with a Quartz nail and a slitted showerhead percolator, every hit sure tastes like the best session ever.

Smoke Cartel, on the other hand, prioritizes the sale of their e-rigs. They carry brands like Pulsar, Puffco, as well as Dr. Dabber. They also carry the traditional dab rigs but their suggestions contain the newer e-rigs. It makes sense since e-rigs are slowly rising to the scene as one of the best paraphernalia to get for stoners. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of Math to control heat as it is pre-programmed with heat settings.

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo


Looking for a high-end e-rig? The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo has the technology like no other. Regardless if you are a newbie in dabbing, or a veteran yourself, this electronic dab rig from Dr. Dabber will make you happy like a kid during the holidays. With its futuristic design comes its 6 heat settings that regulate the heat applied to your waxes and concentrate every time you take a hit. For long session fans, a full charge will last you 60 hits.

For the quirky stoners out there, Brothers With Glass has got you covered. They sell dab rigs but dab rigs with style They also have dab rigs that are as good as centerpieces on a center table somewhere in your home. Aside from that, to add to the quirkiness, they also sell novelty dab rigs that are shaped like regular life items such as a Sriracha dab rig and a sundae dab rig.

Mathematix Groovy Tube Dab Rig


Resembling a lava lamp, this dab rig sure makes a great conversation piece. The whole thing is made from glass and also features a glass dab nail. Let your friends or company bask in the glory of this dab rig. Every angle is a cool angle.

King’s Pipe has the largest catalog for dab rigs out of the bunch. If you want variety and options, King’s Pipe is the right store for you. They have the most basic dab rigs while extending to the most outrageous-looking dab rigs. Aside from that, they carry electronic dab rigs and novelty dab rigs too.

Bee Hive Mini Dab Rig


Made by Empire Glassworks, this dab rig is one of the newer mini versions. With a bee-themed design, your mouthpiece is a honeypot overflowing with honey. As cool as it looks, its three-hole percolator along with a fixed stem is also good at diffusing the vapor for a smoother hit. Its dab nail is a glass one that matches the overall aesthetic of the dab rig in itself.

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