The Best Light Timers For Growing Weed

Light timers are some of the cheapest tools for indoor growing, making managing the different light cycles a lot easier. There are a lot of pitfalls you can fall into when picking a light timer. But in this post, I will explain what you need to look for to find the right light timers for your growing needs.

The Best Light Timers For Growing Weed

Why Should You Use A Light Timer For Growing Weed?

Using a light timer ensures the plants get exactly the amount of light they need in a day. Growers utilize a light schedule that is either 12 hours light/12 hours dark or 16 hours light/8 hours dark during a plant’s growth. The light schedule signals the transition between the different stages of plant growth.

For example, the 12 hours light/12 hours dark light schedule mimics day and night, signaling plants to produce buds for their flowering stage. Meanwhile, the light scheduled 16 hours light/8 hours dark encourages the strengthening of branches and further leaves. Therefore, using light timers will ensure that the plants stay within their respective light schedules according to their current needs.

How To Choose A Light Timer?

Light timers come with a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. By understanding what the best timers for grow light have to offer, you can select the one right for you.

1. Accuracy
A grow light should present accurate information about how many hours the machine has been working. It should tell you how many hours have passed and how many more hours to complete the cycle.

2. Durability
It should be able to withstand prolonged uninterrupted use. After all, you don’t want to buy a new timer for every grow cycle. Get a proper and durable one straight away, and thank me later.

3. Ease of Use
Light timers shouldn’t be complicated. Regardless of their type, they should be easy to use and operate. The dials should work as expected for mechanical timers, and knobs should reach the number of hours you want your grow lights to work. Meanwhile, digital timers should be easy to program and provide efficient monitoring and management of grow lights.

4. Max Wattage
For safety reasons, growers should check out the maximum wattage that their light timers can withstand. Usually, light timers can run multiple lights at the same time. The lights usually will state how much power it needs to run. On the other hand, the light timers should also state how much power they can accommodate at the same time. If the lights’ power goes over the maximum wattage, the timer will break. The abrupt shut-off may damage the lights. However, it isn’t very likely, especially with LED.

5. Max Current
Overcurrent is an electrical safety issue where the current exceeds the rated amperage capacity of the circuit or the connected device. Checking the max current of a light timer before purchasing it will save growers from possible explosion and fire. Depending on the light timer, each device will only have a specific value of allowable current value. Going over the limit may result in overloading, which often leads to an explosion and even fire.

Analog vs. Digital Timers

1. Analog Timers
If you’re choosing analog timers, pick the kind that has a dial. They are the kind that a user can turn on and off using a switch. It’s easy to set up and use. Crank up the dial to the maximum setting, and you’ll be on your way. However, if you prefer a timer that isn’t noisy, don’t get an analog light timer. Furthermore, analog timers tend to be inaccurate at times.

2. Digital Timers
They are a bit more complicated to program since they give you a lot of options. But there is always a manual included in the packaging. Digital timers are more accurate and more reliable than analog timers.

The Best Single-Outlet Mechanical Growing Light Timer

A basic light timer with one plug and switch control.

The Best Single-Outlet Digital Growing Light Timer

A light timer programmable for 14 hours on/off time.

The Best Multi-Outlet Mechanical Growing Light Timer

A light timer programmable for 14 hours on/off time.

The Best Multi-Outlet Digital Growing Light Timer

A digital light timer with 4 ports that schedules and times cycling functions in a grow room with perfect digital accuracy.

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