The Best Bongs Under $100

Bongs can be expensive and that’s a fact. A basic bong could go as far as a couple of hundred bucks depending on the design and added features it has. On the flip side, there are also bongs that can do as much but at a more affordable rate. Here are the best bongs under $100!

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Combining design and art, this glass beaker bong is one aesthetically-pleasing bong. As it stands 14” or 36cm, it allows air cooling through its ice notches for a smoother less-harsh hit. Its base is designed with a tribal drummer print which makes you think every hit is an offering to the gods.

Despite the price, it has a slit percolator which further cools down the smoke before inhalation. Since its glass thickness is 7mm, it is sturdy and less vulnerable to breakage in the long run.

Coming from its line, the Pixie Bubble Base Bong stays true to its name. It only stands 8” or 20cm, noticeably shorter than most bongs. As the bong was fumed with pure Silver, its body will change colors during use. Since it is handmade from borosilicate glass, no two bongs are alike.

Each product will look different compared to others that are made the same way. But one thing’s for sure: each bong will surprise you with every use.

Added to that, it has a grommet slide and an open-end downstem to make sure every session is as great as the last.

For starters, this bong with a beaker base would be a good beginning. Standing at 14” or 36cm, it is basic, simple, but gets the job done. Its neck is lined up with Marias for a better grip. Clumsy or not, it is a good design consideration to provide safety and security for your users.

Aside from that, it has a detachable downstem with an herb attachment. It is easy to clean plus its rimmed mouthpiece comes in Green and Black colors.

For a bong under $100, this one’s not too shabby! Its key feature is that it has a slitted percolator that is essential as it cools off-air and diffuses it for less harsh hits every time.

Aside from that, its metallic finish gives off a sophisticated look that can be a house display when not in use. Look expensive without breaking the bank. It comes with an herb bowl for your weed or choice.

Because it is only 8.5” or 21.6cm, this bubble vase ceramic bong is the kind of bong you would want to travel with. Despite its size, it performs as great as the regular-sized bongs due to its bubble base.

This bong cools off the smoke through its bubble base before it goes up to its neck to ensure a smooth hit. It has a fixed downstem which has a metal herb bowl.

Pulsar always had a vision for quality bongs. Added to that long list is this beaker bong with a tree percolator. Since it has a beaker base, it’s not easy to topple over. But in case something bad happens and it does topple over, breaking it would be hard since it is made from durable glass which prevents it from shattering. Added to that, its tree percolator would diffuse as much as it can to avoid harsh smoke. With its removable downstem, it is easy to clean making it much more hygienic.

I guess no one told you life was gonna be this way. With the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. bong, you can pivot your way into life. Never be afraid of going DOA with this bong as no one would notice it unless you intentionally tell them it’s a bong. It literally looks like a bong that would fit perfectly in a New York apartment.

Choose from 3 designs named after Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel. When someone asks you, “How you doin’?” Simply answer, “We were on a break… with our vase bong.”

For a quick and easy hit, a straight bong is a way to go. Standing at 14” or 35.6cm, cooling shouldn’t be an issue. Even if the air travels up in a straight line, the line it travels through is long enough to cool it down. By the time it reaches the user, it is already cool as ice. It is equipped with an 18-14mm downstem with a ground joint, a 3-pinch ice catch, and a flat can base.

Featured in the film Beach Bum, enjoy the relaxation that this water bong will give you. It has a removable downstem which makes it easy for cleaning after use. Alongside that, it features a UFO percolator.

This percolator is similar to a showerhead percolator which includes a lot of slits where smoke can pass through for cooling. It comes with an herb bowl that is deep enough to put a lot of your stash into use.

Ever heard of a bong made out of ice? This is unconventional but a great idea. For extra cool hits, why not use ice as a bong? This idea comes from EYCE since they made a bong mold for extra icy hits.

All you need to do is fill the mold with water, freeze it, and enjoy the coolness in your throat. The mold is made out of silicone which is hard to break. It also comes with a downstem and a bowl.

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