The Best Bong Brands In 2022

What makes a good bong? Is it the size, glass quality, or does it come with the name? I’ve looked around the internet to look for the best bongs and the best bongs come from these brands. Here are the best bong brands in 2022!

Do you need other suggestions per brand? Check out the what we wrote about Black Leaf, Roor, and EHLE.

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Based on people’s reviews on their website and other online headshops, Black Leaf tops the list of the best bong brands in 2022. Although it is a bit on the pricier side, it is justified by how happy the people are. One even said that he should have invested in a Black Leaf and not settled for a cheap counterpart. Black Leaf is available on Grass City.

Black Leaf Baby Bongbastic 2-in-1 Percolator Ice Bong


This bong box set from Black Leaf will turn heads for its beauty and elegance. Users applaud its ability to divide the produced smoke with its 6 percolators. With this mechanism, the smoke cools off better, and upon inhalation, it’s easier for the throat. This bong is also suitable for both weed and concentrates. Made with thick borosilicate glass, it’s made to last compared to other bong brands.

Roor takes the second spot from the best bong brands in 2022. According to user reviews, Roor bongs are easy to clean and produce quality smoke. Another feature that sets Roor apart is their service to identify if a Roor bong is authentic or not. As they sell Roor in other online shops like Grass City, customers can verify if what they bought was an authentic Roor product or not. Buyers can either scan the tag found in Roor products or they can input the code on the website too.

ROOR Blue Series Bong


This bong from Roor is straightforward. It’s a bong, with a long downstem that stands on its hexagon stand. It has a funnel-shaped bowl that accommodates more products compared to other bongs. Although it is simple, it still delivers superb and excellent flavors.

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Another German brand takes the third spot in the form of Ehle. They are known for their strong glass quality and incredible German engineering and design. Although they are not widely available aside from their own website, Grass City carries a variety of their products online. That alone is a good deal since shipping will be cheaper compared to if you order directly from them as they ship products from their workshop in Germany.

Ehle Big Brother Beaker Base Ice Bong


This bong from Ehle is genius as it has a beaker base. A beaker base is wider compared to a straight cut bong base that is the most common base for a bong. It’s advantageous because a wider bottom for bongs means more space to let the air cool. Again, a cooler smoke is a better smoke to inhale. It does not damage your throat compared to warmer smoke. That makes the experience better and a smoother one, too.

Out of all the brands listed, Glass City has the most user reviews based on their Grass City page. Glass City balances affordability with quality. Their products could go as far as $200 but they can also go as affordable as $50. If I were a newbie who checks out bongs for the first time, this will be a selling point to me since I am not willing to invest in a product that I haven’t tried yet. But for long-time users, this could also be an upgrade investment as their products get better going up.

Glass City 4-Arm Perc Beaker Ice Bong with Ash Catcher


This glass bong from Glass City is a manifestation of affordability and quality. Designed by color accents, you can never go wrong with this glass bong. Aside from its function, it can be leveled with other bongs as its aesthetic is timeless and tasteful. Another selling point is its ash catcher designed to collect ashes for a smoother and more high-quality taste.

Medicali boasts that their products are all handmade. That is a good selling point as users are assured that what they’re buying is of quality incomparable to machine-made products. They are available through Grass City. They are also proudly 100% made in the USA.

Medicali Glass 50 Mil Straight Cylinder Glass Bong


Made from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, this bong is built to last. Produced through glass blowing, it proves the claim that every Medicali product is handmade. Again, this assures the buyers that every Medicali product is made to last with quality in priority.

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