The 5 Best Tobacco-Free Blunt Wraps You Can Buy Online

With the emergence of the cannabis scene, other ways to enjoy weed were developed by stoners through the years.

Blunt wraps are traditionally made from tobacco paper which is not so good for health because of the effects of nicotine.

Through time, tobacco-free blunt wraps were developed for a healthier smoking alternative. Here are 5 of the best tobacco-free blunt wraps you can buy online.

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King’s Palm is known in the cannabis scene as a company that developed blunt wraps without any tobacco content in them. They grow plants in chemical-free soils which makes them taste better compared to other pre-rolled blunts in the market.

This pack contains 5 king-sized rolls, a packing stick, and a humidity pack that doesn’t let the rolls go stale for up until a year. Filter tips made out of corn husks are also included in the packet.

Made from Cordia leaf, this blunt wrap from King’s Palm is one of their tobacco-free blunt wraps. This one is in a smaller size compared to their king size. It’s enough for a one-hitter for a break after a long day’s work. But what’s cool with this one is it’s infused with mint terpenes which makes it feel cooler on every hit.

Endo boasts that their pre-rolled blunt wraps are made from organic hemp which means it is free from tobacco. Since it’s organic, it doesn’t affect much of the flavor of your weed upon smoking. Each box contains 15 pre-packed wraps containing 2 wraps per pack. It is available in 4 flavors: Original, Mango, Russian Cream, and White Grape.

Royal Blunts envisioned blunt wraps as tobacco-less and hemp-sourced. Through their hemparillo hemp wraps, they have made a vision into reality. Enjoy a box with 15 packs of hemp wraps with 2 wraps per packet. Available in 9 flavors: Berry, Mango, Sweet, Cali Fire, Sweet, Blueberry, Strawberry, Naked, and Grape.

Mike Tyson teams up with Futurola to bring you their collaborative effort to remove tobacco content in blunt wraps. The result is a 4’ or 10cm big blunt wrap that is free from tobacco but infused in legal terpenes for that smoke taste that hits home. Pack a punch with every hit using the Toad King Size Blunt Wrap from Futurola, in collaboration with boxing superstar, Mike Tyson.

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