The Best Glass Blunts

Glass blunts rise to the trend as stoners try to find healthier options for smoking their weed. Here are some of our best picks for the best glass blunts and where to buy glass blunts online.

The Best Glass Blunts You Can Buy Online

Made by 7 Pipes, this tiny glass blunt is built to carry 0.5 grams of weed. It is made to look discreet with the idea that it should be durable despite its size. It is made from Schott glass which is a German-engineering masterpiece in glass terms. The twist mechanism made from Brass that’s inside the glass aims to push the weed from the tip with the goal to not re-ignite again.

GRAV Labs boasts of this glass blunt being easy to use. Only 4” or 10cm, this glass blunt is easy to transport and could be used to smoke your stash even if you’re out or while traveling.
Since it is made from glass it doesn’t mess up the flavour of your buds.

Pro stoner tip: Conventional blunts and joints can also be made to be easily transported. If you would like to know more about this check out my post: The best way to Transport Joints and Blunts in 2021.

Also by 7 Pipes, the Twisty Slim Glass Blunt is a skinnier version of the Twisty Mini Glass Blunt. It still carries the same qualities that its regular counterpart has, but it is made slimmer, which means it is easier to transport and hold. This is longer by an inch compared to the other one but then it carries much more content without being bulky.

With a slide mechanism, the Sesh Supply Glass Blunt makes smoking better depending on who’s using it. That is because the user could take control of how small or big their hits are.

For smaller hits, the user could tightly pack up the glass blunt and push it in with the glass slide. However, if the user wants a larger hit, they could simply loosely fill it up for the right airflow needed. All of the glass is encased in a rubber casing which would not let the pushing mechanism fall out when not in use.

For those looking for a quick hit while on the road, the GRAV Labs Silicone Glass Blunt is perfect for you. Because it is small, you can place it in your pocket and flick it out every time you feel the urge to smoke. Because its sleeves are made out of Silicone, it is drop-proof and makes it durable. A cool add on feature is that the tip doubles as an ash catcher for the burnt weed.


Still looking for a place to buy the blunts online? Smoke Cartel has a great catalog that you can check out. Their collection includes glass blunts with metal tips and the drop-friendly silicone glass blunts, too. Check them out through their online headshop here.

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