The 10 Best Vape Pens of 2022

If you’re looking for healthier alternatives to smoking, vape pens might be something you would want to try. These little gadgets produce vapor and not smoke which is less harsh for your throat and lungs. Here is a list of the best vape pens in 2022!

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Looking for something to carry with you on the go? The KandyPens Slim Kit Vape Pen is the vape pen for you.

It’s lightweight, easy to travel with, and easy to use as well.

The cool thing about this vape pen is that it doesn’t have buttons for it to be used. It’s air activated. As soon as you inhale with the gadget, the vaporizer automatically activates itself.

It’s battery-operated but the battery is rechargeable with a USB connector. The KandyPens Slim Kit Vape Pen also comes with a lifetime battery warranty from the manufacturer.

Rubi by KandyPens is one of the vape pens that use ceramic coils. That means it takes a much longer time for the coil to be damaged unlike the older coils in the market. It is equipped with an LED battery indicator along with a 1mL oils container.

Recharging is available through a USB connector that comes with the product packaging. Available in 4 colors, Rubi by KandyPens is something one should check out.

The main selling point of the Light Vape Pen is its ability to heat up slowly. Now, if you think of it, heating up slowly is not a good selling point in terms of smoking.

But the thing about vape pens is that most are hot and burning upon contact with oils or concentrates. In effect, the aftertaste becomes a burnt and electric taste which is not good if you wanted to enjoy the flavors that comes with the oils and concentrates.

Think of it as food cooking in a slow manner that you would want to enjoy after a long day of cooking. Savor on your oils and concentrates’ glory.

Having control over heat settings is beneficial in the world of vaping. Being able to choose your preference in temperature means you get to choose the flavor level of your oils and concentrates.

The Ghost Vape Pen gives you that advantage in your smoke. It has a preset heat temperature that lets you control the heat the material vaporizes.

The mouthpiece is made from glass which makes it easier to clean. It also has an LED screen to show if the device is working or if it needs to recharge.

What sets this vape pen apart from the competition is its huge battery power. With 1100 mAh of power, it guarantees you a long time of vaping without charging the device over and over.

It also has a removable mouthpiece that promotes cleanliness and hygiene. On top of that, its safety feature is to shut off on its own after 5 minutes of inactivity. You get to save battery power and get longer sessions every time.

Although it may look simple, this portable dab pen from Puffco is something you should check out. It integrates a coil-less body that heats up the oil which gives the superb flavor instead of getting burned. It is lightweight and easy to use; just like a normal vape pen.

For users of concentrates, this vape pen is the right product for you. It’s simple; put the concentrates on top of the part of the pen that heats up. It has two mouthpieces; use it like how you would use a straw or like how you would normally use a vape pen and it will vaporize on its own.

Although it is small in size, you can interchange its parts to adapt to oils, concentrates, or even e-juice. That is a steal if your preference for vaping changes from time to time. You don’t have to buy any other devices in the future.

It also features a 3-voltage system that changes the power in your vape pen. You can now control the temperature depending on your preference.

For added security, the interchangeable pods are linked to the body of the pen through magnets. In that way, you don’t have to worry about it disconnecting in your pocket or in your bag during transport.

The Evolve Vaporizer is partnered with a Quartz coil that ensures a pure vapor taste. Compared to wick and ceramic coils, the Quartz coil heats up much faster without the bitter aftertaste.

For added security, it is loaded with a coil cap that also acts as a secure cap. Never worry again about your oils spilling over in your pocket or bag. It also cools down the mouthpiece so you don’t burn yourself during the process.

Here’s another one for the concentrates users. The difference between the Revolve vape pen compared to others is its low-temp technology. If you think about vape pens, the first thing that comes to mind is quick heating and high temperatures.

But with Revolve’s low-temp feature, heats up the materials in a slow manner producing quality taste and smooth smoke every time. It also comes with a much powerful battery that could withstand longer times of use.

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