The 10 Best Nectar Collector in 2022

Nectar collectors are great alternatives for dabbing concentrates. Instead of using big dab rigs, these pen-sized devices work the same way while being portable and easy-to-use at the same time. These are the best nectar collectors in 2022.

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For those in favor of a Titanium tip, most reviews say that Titanium tips retain heat better as its a type of metal. Metals are often good heat conductors and are natural in retaining them. Although this is a great point, Titanium tips take some time to heat up compared to Quartz tips.

More often than not, it is also said that Titanium tips have a burnt metal aftertaste. Contrary to this, low-temperature dabbing less-likely promotes carcinogens to thrive since carcinogens survive better in a high-temperature environment especially in burned materials.

This nectar collector is literally flat. Conventional nectar collectors sport a round, cylindrical body. Since it is flat, it could rest steadily on a table. Never worry about a nectar collector rolling over to the edge again. Although it is flat, it is supported by 4 small pegs that keep it upright while maintaining a steady stance. The body is clear to allow the user to see through the glass and see how much vapor is made.

For a quick, impulse sesh, this nectar collector is for you to try out. It does not require a setup time which most often than not takes more time than the actual session itself. Its selling point is its 10 mm Titanium tip that lets its users get every last resin in the container. At least, you get what you pay for, right?

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Being on the longer side, it measures 9.5’ or 24 cm. With almost a foot in height, it allows air to cool off on its silicone body. Silicone is known as an insulator so it will not retain much of the heat which results in smoother smoke. Although it is not discreet in design, it features an AK47 machine gun which could be a good centerpiece when you’ve got friends or company over.

With a body made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone, durability is a priority with the Silicone Vapor Straw. Looking like a Bamboo trunk, it’s discreet and easy to travel with. Since it is made with silicone, you don’t have to worry about it breaking during transport. The Titanium tip can be replaced upon wear and tear. (Extra tip not included in the package)

This is not a nectar collector in itself. It is a replacement tip for the nectar collectors that support interchangeable tips. You can choose from 3 sizes depending on your preference.

Quartz, on the other hand, heats up in an instant. It’s as if instant contact with a heat source immediately activates its properties. This could be partly because it is made from igneous rocks that have sustained extreme heat and pressure underneath the Earth’s crust. Although this is great, it easily becomes a breeding ground for carcinogens to form.

This is a health risk because carcinogens might cause Cancer in the long run. We would want to have the leisure of dabbing, but at the same time, taking care of ourselves. On top of this, Quartz users have mentioned that Quartz tips don’t produce an aftertaste. It’s only the clean substance of material that was vaporized.

Take in more controlled hits with the Portable Glass Dab Straw. Although it is tiny at 5’ or 12.5 cm, it is made from the highest quality materials. The tip is made from Quartz and its body is made from borosilicate glass. With its unique hourglass shape, it cools down the smoke before it reaches your throat for a less harsh hit.

Standing at 6′ or 15 cm, the Quartz Deco Dab Straw Collector from Pulsar might be the next big thing. Although it is categorized as a nectar collector, it embodies a feature that dab rigs normally have. In its body fits a diffusion chamber that cools down the air. Never worry about burning your throat ever again. This device assures its user that a cool, smooth, and tasteful hit comes every time.

Summoned from the cosmos, this nectar collector sports a moon-like surface made by borosilicate glass textures. In the package, aside from its beautiful body, comes a 10mm female joint. Along with that is a tip joint that connects the body to the Quartz tip. This promotes easier cleaning so residues from past usage would not affect the taste of the hits.

This device is a bit more versatile than the others on this list. You can choose either you would want a Titanium tip or a Quartz tip to be shipped with the wooden sleeve. Based on customer reviews, it is a good type of collector since it is discreet.

The wooden sleeve comes with a cap that’s also wooden. With those two in place, it barely looks like a nectar collector. It looks like a pen carved out from wood. It is also good for traveling since it has a wooden sleeve and cap, you can simply cap it after use and keep it immediately. You don’t have to wait for the tip to cool off anymore.

This product boasts itself as easy to transport and handle. Looking like a syringe, this nectar collector is as basic as you can get for a device. It is long enough to cool down the smoke before inhalation. For its tip, it carries a Quartz tip for a faster session and a faster cool down for repacking afterward. What more can you ask for?


Either way, Titanium and Quartz tips both differ in use and preference. If you want something durable, choose Titanium. It’s prone to breakage even after a major fall. But if you want the purest of hits, Quartz tips might be for you. But remember everything should be used in moderation.

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