The 10 Best Honeycomb Percolator Bongs in 2022

Honeycomb percolators in bongs have become a stoner staple. That is because this type of diffuser ensures a smooth, and tasteful hit. Partnered with a bong’s height, it delivers a cool hit in every session. If you’re looking to own one, these are the 10 best bongs in 2022!

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A tower at 17" or 43cm in height, this big bong by Tsunami is one for the books. It is made from thick borosilicate glass that ensures durability. Because of its height, Tsunami was able to put in 3 honeycomb percolators that diffuse the smoke into a soft, smooth air before inhalation. Its down stem is reinforced inside its body along with the 14mm male bowl. Aside from that, it also has 3 ice notches where you can put ice in for a cooler experience.

Another giant at 17’’ or 43cm in height, this scientific genius from Pulsar comes close to one of the best things humans have made since last bread. Equipped with 3 honeycomb percolators and 2 inverted showerhead percolators, you will never have a harsh hit ever again. This technological masterpiece is built from branded glass and supports and ice pinch.

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Excellent filtration and incredibly smooth hits. It’s rare to find good bongs with several percs below $100. At this price point this bong has no competition at all as comparable bongs cost on average twice as much. Beware, Fixed downstem bongs with a lot of percs can be annoying to clean. I strongly recommend adding an easy to clean ash catcher.

Joining the power of two percolators in one, this 12’ or 30cm bong will ease out all the smoke for you. On its base, you will be able to find a honeycomb percolator, that as we know, diffuses the smoke before inhalation.

On top of that is a tree percolator that even diffuses the smoke coming from the percolator below it. In effect, the two percolators work wonders in producing smooth and seamless hits every time. Partner that with ice notches in its body, and this bong is a sure hit.

Standing only at 12’ or 30cm, it’s incredible how Black Leaf was able to insert 3 honeycomb disc percolators in this glass bong. Made from quality borosilicate glass, this glass bong is built to last. Enjoy smoking in smooth hits with this glass bong today.

This glass bong from Tsunami includes a spore percolator along with a honeycomb percolator. Combining those together will create a smooth smoke and a mild filtered flavor. It’s a balance of mild filtration and the soothing effects of a honeycomb percolator. It is also equipped with a splash guard to avoid any excess water from coming up the mouthpiece during inhalation.

We’re going back to the basics with this glass bong from King’s Pipe. It stands at 12” or 30cm and includes an ice pinch on its neck. The ice pinch enables the air inside the bong to cool down faster while preparing it for inhalation. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, you are ensured of durability and stability. Added to that is a circular base that won’t let it topple over despite its height.

Despite its skinny diameter, it still was able to have 2 honeycomb percolator in its body. With that being said, it still can deliver a smoother and less harsh smoke in every session. Although it is skinny, it is also tall. Standing at 11’ or 28cm, it’s still easier to grasp and hold. Supported by a circular round base, it will not topple over that easily.

Equipped with three honeycomb percs, this bong will always deliver smooth hits.  Standing at 18" or 46 cm, the long neck and body lets the smoke travel and cool off. This makes sure that the smoke is not harsh to the throat.

Who knew aesthetics can coexist with function? Have a centerpiece while having a bong at the same time. The warped neck does not only provide something to hold on to but also provides a space for the air to cool off, producing smoother hits.

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