The 10 Best Hidden And Discreet Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are quick and easy ways you can smoke in small amounts. Despite their size, pipes could still be considered taboo in some places. Therefore, disguising them as other things is a trend to stoners. Here are the 10 best hidden and discrete pipes!

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Quick Answer

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, this donut keychain pipe is a sweet revelation to you. Because it’s small, it fits perfectly along with your keys. It doesn’t need concealing since who would think that a donut would become a pipe, right?

Never fear about smelling fishy about your stash ever again! With this pipe shaped like a fish, it isn’t easy to know that it is what it is. Aside from that, it could be a good conversation piece since it’s a fish out of the water!

Staying discreet in smoking wouldn’t be as hard as a rock anymore with the stone pipe. As it boasts on the website, it is indeed made out of rock making it indestructible. Hold your rocks up, we’re going for a hit.

Smoking has never been this magical. Enjoy the magic and beauty of smoking with this gnome hand pipe to guide you. Choose between available colors depending on your preference. One thing’s for sure, as gnomes do, your smokes are a secret too.

Do you want a cool but discreet way to smoke even in public? If so, then this lava lamp hand pipe is the one for you. It is made from glittered glycerine which glistens as light bounces off it. With that being said, because of its material, it can be frozen for a cooler hit.

This full-detail saxophone hits in all the right notes. Although it attracts attention because of its design, it is still discreet and hidden since it doesn’t look like a pipe at one glance. Its body is made from metal but its mouthpiece is made out of rubber. Each package contains a screen for an even smoother hit.

This 3-piece bullet-shaped pipe will shoot you out of your head. The apex of the bullet acts as a cover for the mouthpiece. It keeps everything hygienic since this pipe is available for transport or travel. Its base is where you will put the dry herbs. It may be discreet but it still pays to hide it, especially in public, since it is shaped like a bullet.

Take your hits over the moon with the rocket ship metal hand pipe. This 6-part pipe does wonders as it has a smoke mode and a rocket mode. Since it has 6 parts, it can also be unscrewed for cleaning later on if it gets dirty.

Let’s get our head in the game with this keychain pipe. With a bowl accessible by sliding the top part, it isn’t easy to recognize that it is a pipe attached to a keychain.

If the football keychain wasn’t enough, then go big or go home with an actual football pipe. Equipped with a glass bowl, this pipe is indestructible because of its silicone body. Hit a home run through a quick hit whenever, wherever you are.

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