The 10 Best Dugouts in 2022

Dugouts are a great way to transport your stash with you. It is discreet, compact, and easy to use. Here are some of the 10 best dugouts in 2022.

The Best Dugouts

With a pistol grip handle and a bottle opener on the side, never feel the hustle of bringing your herbs on-the-go ever again. RYOT’s dugout is here to provide easy transport with an added function to make traveling easy all along. Equipped with a magnetic lid, never worry about spillage even if the dugout is inside your bag. Feel at ease during travel with RYOT’s Super Magnetic Dugout with One Hitter.

Another from RYOT comes a wooden variety of their magnetic dugout. Imbued with the elegance of wood, it makes the contents even more secure as it is durable all the way. Equipped with a magnetic lid, it has become spill-proof. Included in the package is a dry weed poker that lets you poke and scoop out the dried weed from the inside.

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Why have one, when you can have it all? Made by LighterPick, this all-in-one dugout carries all your goods on-the-go. It features storage enough for 2 grams of stash, a picking tool, and a one-hitter bat. But that’s not all! It can also fit in a mini-lighter! You will never have to find a light source ever again.

For people on the go, this is perfect for you. It does not only store your stash, but it also can grind it! Enjoy freshly-ground weed even when you’re out and about. Of course, it contains the usual dugout components like the one-hitter bat and a metal poker tool. After use, if there is still excess weed, simply store it in the compartment for that.

This dugout from Cheech and Chong is pretty much the same as the usual dugout. What’s different is that it’s made out of aluminum which is one of the durable metal types.

Along with that, it comes with a one-hitter pipe that easily pops up upon opening the dugout through a spring mechanism. Available in 5 colors, it sports a sleek finish with Cheech and Chong’s famous up in smoke decal.

From the brand Aluminum X, sport this edgy aluminum dugout for a means of easy transport. Included inside is a cigarette-modeled one-hitter that easily comes up upon opening the swivel lid. On its face, a big star logo of Famous X becomes a design for a more aesthetic look. Available in Red, Blue, and Green.

If there is a king of kings, this is it. Made by Ooze, the Slugger Dubbin Dugout Travel Kit has a huge storage capacity, unlike the others. When I say huge, I mean huge. It has 4 compartments where you can put in the weed. Aside from that, it has a glass bowl where you can use waxes or concentrates on-the-go. To top it all off, it can store a Titanium nail, glass nail, and a nectar collector all at the same time.

The latest design from Green Goddess is made from anodized aluminum. It means that the metal is less prone to corrosion. It comes with a magnetic swivel cap that prevents the contents from spilling over. Being 4” or 10 cm in size, it’s good for transporting your stash and keeping it in your pocket or bag.

Another from Green Goddess, this 3” or 7.5 cm anodized aluminum dugout is a discreet and easy way to transport your stash. Because it is tiny, it easily fits a pocket or a bag. Never worry again about how heavy or bulky your pockets and bags will become. It is spring-loaded so it’s easy to pick up the one-hitter that comes with it.

For extra style and class, this dugout comes in many different colors. Made from waterproof plastic, it has the assurance of durability even through the years. It is also lightweight and easy to travel with despite how much you can pack into it.

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