The 10 Best Butane Torches in 2022

Looking for a strong heat source? Butane torches are a hit among stoners. Aside from their portability, they are also safe, and easy to use. To help you choose your own, here are the best butane torches for 2022.

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Blaze up your stash with the Ever Tech Refillable Butane Torch. Made from aluminum, this butane table-top torch allows you for hands-free usage. Because it is cordless and refillable, it is easy to transport and bring anywhere. Never go out of flame ever again.

This cordless butane torch for Newport is designed for a wide array of usage. It is engineered to have a high concentration of heat for any type of task that requires a flame or heat. Because it is cordless and refillable, it could be transported easily.

For added security, a child lock was added to its design to prevent kids from burning themselves. The flame is also adjustable depending on the use with a one-click ignition start-up.

Equipped a child safety lock, the torch will not ignite itself on its own even if it falls on the ground by accident. An ignition switch is found at the back.

The biggest selling point of this butane torch is its ability to reach 2500F or 1371C in temperature depending on the settings you put it on. Along with that, it is said that it can be used for a maximum of 60 minutes before it needs refilling again.

Because of its sturdy base, the Special Blue Inferno Butane Torch can be used hands-free without the worry of it toppling over. As the company claims, this torch is specifically good for joints, blunts, and cigars. But with its adjustable flame feature, it could also be used for other things like bongs and bubblers.

The ErrlyBird art line is a collection of butane torches designed by artists. According to Smoke Cartel, buying one of these means supporting an artist in return. Although it is on the more aesthetic side of torches, it does not go far from the good standard for torches. It has an adjustable flame feature, along with a quick-fire ignition system. It is also said to heat up as high as 2700F or 1371C.

If Newport’s standard-sized butane torch doesn’t suit your needs, maybe this will. Standing at 10’’ or 25cm, the Jumbo version of Newport’s Butane Torch is a sure-fire hit. It still has the same qualities and features as its smaller counterpart. But since it is bigger in size, its contents could be more than what the regular contain.

On the store, it is described as a good alternative for the Blazer Big Shot Torch. It is claimed to have the same flame power but at a cheaper price. It also has a removable base for a means of easier transport.

Are you ready to invest in a butane torch but not sure about doing the whole nine yards? If so, here’s a third of that nine yards. Only 3’’ or 7.5cm small, the butane torch lighter has the size of a lighter but the power of a standard-sized butane torch. It is great for windy places since it’s small so you can use your hands to protect the flame, like how you would in a lighter.

Another from Techno, it also eases the user with its smaller size. It may be small but it delivers the same heat as a butane torch would. Also available in multiple colors.

Already own a butane torch but needs replacement on the torch itself? You can now buy the head alone. Newport sells these butane torch heads for replacement of wear and tear or for a new butane head for an old butane can.

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