The 10 Best Bubblers of 2022

Bubblers are becoming more of a staple in every stoner’s story. People are switching from the traditional bongs and dry pipes because bubblers are more portable compared to the two. As the bubblers rise in the scene, we list down the 10 best bubblers of 2022.

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Enjoy the best of both worlds with this bubbler from the brand Marley Natural. With its unique shape, this bubbler goes ahead of its kind with its ability to store more water than usual.

That feature alone is a selling point in itself since bubblers that could carry more water will be able to produce smoother hits every session.

This bubbler also breaks the disadvantage of bubblers that they are hard to clean since a typical bubbler is made in one piece. However, this Black Walnut Bubbler is made in pieces that you can take apart for easier cleaning.

When you put together bubblers and elegant design and you will get the Cosmic Bubbler. With its unique and elegant design based on the moon, the Cosmic Bubbler easily becomes a centerpiece. No one will think it’s a bubbler at first glance. It is a great addition to what you have on your countertop. Its design also breaks the traditional bubbler as it has a removable downstem and bowl all for the goal of easier cleaning.

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This bubbler from the Glasscity collection doubles the amount of filtration in a portable handheld bubbler. What a steal, right? It works like a regular water pipe while remaining compact like a handy bubbler. It is perfect for stoners who love travelling but don’t want to leave their sessions behind.

It works well since it has two chambers that each has its own percolator. With this design, it ensures a cooled down smoke before inhalation that promotes a smoother hit. Never be harsh towards your throat and lungs again with this bubbler.

As crazy as it may sound, this bubbler from the Glasscity collection is equipped with a 6-arm diffuser downstem. Being its main selling point, this promotes a faster cooling system that allows a smoother hit every time you smoke. It also features an angled base that allows the bubbler to stand on its own in any surface without tipping over. If you want a cleaner and smoother smoking experience, go for this superb bubbler from Glasscity.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your stoner friend, this item is a sure steal. This set from Greenline comes packed in a metal case which adds an extra special vibe to whoever will receive it.

It does not only contain a bubbler, but it also includes a grinder, rolling papers, filter tips and 5 pipe screens. This is an excellent deal and great bong for your buck. 

Isn’t this a feast for the eyes? This Sherlock bubbler charms everyone who sees it because of its light coral color. Performance wise, its selling point is the deep bowl for additional use of weed.

Crafted with clear marble, it’s easier to hold and use because of its cool blown-glass shape. A left carb hole is also part of this bubbler along with a single hole fixed stem percolator which diffuses the smoke before inhalation.

From its name, this bubbler from Chameleon Glass sees no end. You can see that the glass doesn’t have endpoints making it infinite. If you’re used to a stem that ends somewhere, forget that with the Infinity bubbler. Its main selling point is its ability to separate smoke from ash or soot. That could be a problem with bubblers sometimes as ashes could be harsh to the throat making it painful to smoke.

For someone who sees life as art, the K. Haring Glass Bubbler might be it for you. Crafted with Keith Haring, a visual artist, in mind, the K. Haring Glass Bubbler exhibits a timeless aesthetic for anyone who uses it.

Equipped with a non-removable downstem and an 8-slit percolator, this bubbler provides the best experience too aside from its great visuals. For added stability, the bubbler flares at the bottom to prevent it from tipping over.

A bubbler has never been this sleek before. Made by Marley Natural, this glass bubbler sports a sleek, eloquent look engineered with beautiful symmetry and proportions.

Its selling point, aside from its design, is its deep body that crosses out oversplashing and promotes ash catching. Every hit will be smooth as butter with this bubbler.

Abstract lovers come through! Feel special with this hand made bubbler from Glass fancy. Made from High grade borosilicate glass, it adorns the beauty of a sparkly pipe. It is 8 inch long and comes with a carb hole. 

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