Recommended tools and services

Industry training / Courses

Great for anybody that want to jumpstart their Cannabis knowledge or wants to become a bud tender with no experience in the Cannabis industry. 


Info / Resources

This is in my opinion the most comprehensive resource about growing Cannabis.

This 73 page ebook teaches you everything you need to know about indoor growing, outdoor growing, harvesting and drying. Highly recommended!

Soil, GrowLights, Nutrients etc.

Growers house used to specialise in hydroponic growing equipment. Now they cover all your growing needs from soil over nutrients to grow lights, tents, timers and more.



A great and fair priced seed bank with excellent reliability and great DNA cultivars.

No matter if auto flowering, feminised or standard seeds these guys have it. 


Concentrates, Tinctures, Capsules etc.

Diamond CBD is excellent for your CBD and delta-8 THC needs. I find their website a bit annoying at times but they make up for it with their products and customer service. 

CBD Coffee

In my humble opinion the best CBD coffee. Kill two birds with one stones with your morning cup of coffee. 


The Hemps Devision does amazing CBD Tea blends. If you are into CBD Tea you should give them a shot. 


Over the past years I have recommended several online head shops. Grasscity is the only one that makes the list every year. They know what they are doing. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the standard in the industry anymore. If you aren’t happy with your current online headshop, give Grasscity a try. They are also available in Europe!