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Why should Cannabis be legalized?

Why should Cannabis be legalized? In the early 20th century, Cannabis was illegal in every state of the US. But today, twenty states have legally approved the recreational use of it. Although several states have approved it, several movements are still fighting for legalizing Marijuana. Arguments supporting it include the

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Can you overdose on Cannabis?

Can you overdose on Cannabis? It is maybe one of the most controversial questions most people ask regarding Cannabis. Some people believe that it is fatal and dangerous, like opioids, when consuming an overly large dosage. Others are convinced it is safe and harmless. You cannot have a lethal overdose

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Is CBD safe for birds?

Is CBD safe for birds? CBD oil is safe for birds, as long as this is administered in safe dosages. You can use it as part of their diet or for medical purposes. It has no fatal side effects since it is safe and non-toxic. Birds will only experience mild

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How to spot root rot in Cannabis?

How to spot root rot in Cannabis? Root rot is hard to identify since roots are invisible when Cannabis plants are grown on soil. You will start being suspicious when symptoms on the Cannabis plants appear, such as yellow leaves and wilting. If you dig in through the ground, you

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Is CBD safe for cats?

Is CBD safe for cats? Cannabidiol (CBD) has been an all-around pet supplement and is considered safe by veterinarians. Pet owners are directing themselves to turn to CBD as an all-natural supplement for their cats. Usually, they use it as a supplement for cats with epilepsy, organ and joint inflammation,

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How to grow a Cannabis bonsai?

How to grow a Cannabis bonsai? A Cannabis bonsai is a miniature Cannabis plant that has been conditioned to stay unnaturally small even when fully matured. The term bonsai does not refer to a particular variety of Cannabis but rather to the growing technique that keeps plants small. When growing

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