Best Places To Buy Bongs Online

Buying bongs is always exciting, no matter if it is your first purchase or if you have a huge collection. The most common question you probably ask yourself is: "Where to buy a bong online?" 

There are a lot of things you should consider before ordering a bong from a shop you have never ordered from before.

I hope this article helps you understand the differences between the options you have, and makes it easier for you to decided where exactly to order your next bong from.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Bong Online?

I switched over to ordering my stoner gear online in 2015 and have tried many stores ever since. 

The five online headshops above are in my opinion the best ones out there. If you don’t know them yet, or if you are new to buying bongs online, go check them out. You will know where to buy a bong online after reading this post.

Grasscity has the top spot on the list.

You will not find another online headshop with as fast shipping,  excellent customer service, and fair prices on the greatest bong brands such as Roor, Ehle, and Black Leaf anywhere else online. Grasscity also has its own brand and I find them to be overall great. Grasscity bongs are generally simple on the design and focus a bit more on functionality thus keeping the price at the lowest possible.

Dankstop is on the second spot due to slightly slower shipping.

Danktop has in my opinion the nicest looking and best functioning online head shop in the industry. They offer all the important staple brand names as well as many lesser-known newcomers. Furthermore, they have their own in house glass brand Nucleus.

The three coolest thins about Dankstop is that they accept bitcoin as a payment option, offer subscription discounts for items like rolling papers and also have a buy now pay later option that can come in really handy with more expensive purchases.

If you haven’t yet, give Dankstop a try!

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Smoke Cartel is on the third spot due to slightly slower shipping.

If there is a particular product you can not find on Grasscity or Dankstop you can probably get it on Smoke Cartel. Smoke Cartel also offers great products, at a hug range, good quality and a reasonable price. I ranked them second because their prices are a bit higher than on Grasscity and service and shipping speed just not quiet as superb (still way better than most other online headshops or amazon). 

Smoke Cartel is my absolute favorite when it comes to buying any stoner gimmicks. Go and have a look at their amazing heady glass pipes. I wrote an entire post about them. You can go check that out here.

All Bongs Below Are All Below $100

Grasscity recently also started producing their own products and I must say I am absolutely pleased with their it. All Grasscity bongs I purchased so far has a way better quality than I expected and their prices are unmatched in the entire industry.

Grasscity delivers reasonably fast and I never had any issues with damages to the product during shipping. If something ever goes wrong they have a support team in place that does an amazing job at resolving all issues as quickly as possible.

Brothers With Glass is at the fourth spot as they don't have all standard bong brands.

If you are after crazy unique bongs is for you. They focus a lot on the design and appearance of the bongs. Most of their pieces are only produced in low quantities so you can be sure no one of your friends shows up with the same bong one day. They only came in 5th as they offer their products a bit pricier. However, they provide great customer service and all products are produced in California.

King's Pipe is fifth on my list.

There really is nothing wrong with King’s Pipe but it doesn’t really blow me away either. 

I would rather order through them than through Amazon but with four excellent online shops as an alternative this hardly ever happens.

Weed Be Cute is sixth in my ranking as they are often sold out of the items that I wanted to get.

Weed Be Cute has not been around for a long time and they operate only online. Their shipping times, service and prices are good but nothing beyond the usual. If you are after smaller brands Weed Be Cute is a great place to have a look.

The shop that has everything!

Honestly, this doesn’t belong on this list because they don’t sell bongs. But they have everything else and especially a lot of bong accessories.

I can really recommend you checking this place out. They have so many nifty gadgets and tools that you just can’t get anywhere else.

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