How To Make Budder?

Wax is a term umbrella that covers both budders and cannabis waxes. Budder, the high-moisture counterpart of cannabis wax, is another way to enjoy concentrates through smoking and dabbing. The potent-rich concentrate delivers a full punch in small dabs, saves you money and time in every session. Here’s how to make budder!

How To Make Budder?

1. Grind weed and stuff the extraction tube.

Pick your preferred weed strain and grind them up until they look like something you would smoke in a joint or a blunt. Get an extraction tube and stuff it up until there are no air pockets left. But do not stuff it up to the point that the solvent will not be able to seep through.

2. Blast the extraction tube with the solvent.

After stuffing up an extraction tube, cover its opening using an unbleached coffee filter. Fasten it using a hose clamp, only enough to close up the gap. Be careful not to clamp it too tight to avoid cracking the glass tube. The coffee filter will serve as a sieve to filter out any plant material that might get into the extracted liquid. Using Butane or CO2 as solvents, blast the entire tube of weed. Make sure the whole tube gets saturated with the solvent to produce its maximum yield.

3. Heat up the extracted liquid.

After extracting the solvent through the extraction tube, it’s time to purge the solvent. Purging means heating up the extracted liquid until all that’s left is a concentrate made out of cannabinoids and terpenes. It is crucial to purge since solvents usually are not safe for human ingestion. The temperature should be around 100F (37C). Anything higher than that may degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the concentrate. It will result in a less potent and awful-tasting concentrate.

4. Continue purging using a vacuum.

The solvents may have vaporized after the last step, but that isn’t enough. To achieve budder consistency, continue to purge the concentrate in a vacuum. There isn’t a specific time for how long it should be in the vacuum. But observe how the concentrate moves, and that should tell you if the process is over. As soon as it stops reacting to the vacuum, then that should be good.

What Is Budder?

A budder is a high-moisture concentrate that is oily and malleable. Unlike its drier counterpart, wax, the process of creating it does not include whipping. It is considered as one of the highest-THC-containing concentrates at 80% (or higher) concentration. Be careful not to overdo using a budder as a small amount packs a full punch.

How To Use Budder?

The best tools to use on a budder are a dab rig or a vaporizer. Since budder contains many terpenes, it is crucial to take care of the temperature used to vaporize this concentrate. Anything above 450F (232C) will cause the terpenes to burn, which results in a burnt concentrate taste.

For dab rig users, it is best to invest in an electric dab nail or an electric dab rig. Electric dab nail is a device that allows you to fine-tune the precise temperature of the dabbing surface. The regular dab nail made out of glass, quartz, and titanium is also good. However, you need to be more careful in heating it up with a butane torch to optimize it to the right temperature. Heat up the dab nail with a butane torch for about 30 seconds. But wait for another 30-40 seconds for it to cool down before putting the concentrate on the dab nail.

Vaporizers, on the other hand, are quicker and more accurate ways to use on budders. They have temperature pre-sets that are adjustable according to your preference. Online headshops usually sell vaporizers among the traditional tools used for vaporizing weed and concentrates.

Budder FAQs

Can budder go bad?

Budder can lose its cannabinoids and terpenes over time. The biggest enemy of concentrates like budders is air. It speeds up the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids through exposure over time. Store your budder in an air-tight container, away from heat and light. Keep an eye out for tiny white or pale yellow clumps as these are coagulated lipids not suitable for vaporizing.

Why is budder popular?

Budder is popular because of its high THC concentration and delicious-smelling and tasting terpenes. Even with a small amount, you’ll still get the THC punch you’d get from smoking weed alone due to its potency. Budder also leads in the consistency department. While pieces of shatter break off and oils don’t remain on a dabbing tool for too long, a budder is easy to scoop and serve.

How to store budder?

The budder must be stored in an air-tight container to ensure longer shelf life. It may be a silicone or a glass container. The vessel must also be light-proof and stored in a cool, dry place. Factors like moisture, oxygen, light, and heat can affect the concentrate’s potency and taste.

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