How To Grow Weed Without Smell?

Although marijuana use is now legal, growing weed is still considered illegal and taboo. The fact that marijuana gives off a strong, pungent smell doesn’t help the situation at all. As a grower, you should still be careful in growing cannabis indoors or outdoors as one wrong sniff, and you’re off behind bars.

But the good news is that people have developed ways to hide the smell of weed. You can now cultivate in peace using products like air filters and anti-odor covers which would save you from the eyes of the law or even potential thieves who want to get their hands on your precious plants.

How To Grow Weed Without Smell?

How To Hide The Smell Of Growing Weed Indoor Before Planting

Before focusing on odor control during the actual growth period of your plants, it is best to make sure that the room where they will be grown is smell-proof. According to The Green Bard, the general rule is to make sure that the air should enter and exit in one opening only. The door to the room is your best option as you’d have control over who enters and exits through it.

The smell could escape through the tiniest cracks in the room. It could also escape through windows, vents, and small gaps. Make sure that these things get blocked out properly so the smell stays within the room. Afterward, set up your preferred air filtration system. This will help contain the smell within the room as well as clean the air to reduce its scent. This would be helpful so that the smell will not spread out even within your house.

Products That Help Hide The Smell Of Weed Indoors

We’ve known that cannabis plants start to smell during their vegetative stage. That’s 4-8 weeks after germination. Meanwhile, they smell the most during their flowering and harvesting stage. However, they continue to smell during their curing and drying stage while maintaining their scent intensity. It is essential to know this information as it will help you to know which products suit best for the different scenarios during the plant’s growth period.

1. Air Fresheners

In the first few weeks of plant growth, weed does not smell as bad. It only develops smell during its first few weeks of the vegetative stage. In the earlier stages, it is still possible to mask the smell through air fresheners. They get the job done but they’re not as potent as you’d want them. They’re the cheapest and quickest solution you’d find.

2. Anti-Odor Gels

When you’re going to Google about things that could contain cannabis scents, odor gels are one of the most promoted products. What they do is replace the smell of weed with a scent that’s more tolerable and easier on the nose. It is suggested that anti-odor gels are placed near vents to ensure that the smell that comes out from it will be fresh and not something that would easily get you caught. Anti-odor gels come in different viands to choose from.

3. Odor Neutralizers

These products work to neutralize the odor. As it binds with the scent molecules, it neutralizes them until it doesn’t smell like it came from the cannabis plant. Consistency is important in using odor neutralizers as they take time in neutralizing scents in and out of your grow room.

4. Activated Carbon Filters

Hands down, activated carbon filters are one of the most advanced methods in controlling bad odor. Carbon is an element known for its purifying qualities. These products work by filtering and purifying out air as it passes through. Aside from the filter, you would need something that can push the air through the filter. In this case, the simplest possible wind pusher would be a fan. Carbon filters also work best with an exhaust system that could directly release air into the filters for cleaning.

5. Ozone Generators

Aside from carbon filters, ozone generators are also known to be one of the best odor removers for cannabis grow rooms. They neutralize the smell and later on permanently eliminate them. Ozone generators also claim to eliminate pathogens, molds, and organisms that could damage your plants during their growth period. These machines are portable and at the same time affordable which makes them a better choice for eliminating cannabis odors at home.


There are articles online that dispute the use of anti-odor gels and ozone generators. For anti-odor gels, Grow Weed Easy claims that exposing the air to odor gels will cause a chemical reaction with the cannabis plants. Their article states that the product permanently changes the bud’s smell and taste even without direct contact. They only suggest anti-odor gels for living spaces where odor control is also needed but not directly where plants grow.

On the other hand, I Love Growing Marijuana advises the public not to use ozone generators as there are studies that claim these machines ruin the atmosphere. Ozone generators are also reported to be banned in some states like California. They would like to warn everyone of the risks that come with using these machines.

Do Grow Tents Hide Smell?

No, grow tents don’t hide the smell. Oftentimes, grow tents could only mask out a percentage of the scent. They are not 100% smell-proof. Using them alongside odor-neutralizing products might increase the chances of improving the smell. However, grow tents are best for having controlled environments that you can take advantage of in growing.

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