How Much Water Do you Need To Put in A Bubbler?

Working with a bubbler is like working between a bong and a pipe. Less water and the smoke becomes harsh, more water and the smoke becomes stale. Here are some things to check when you fill up your bubblers with water. Really, how much water do you need to put in your bubbler?

Quick Answer

Check the Stem

Upon buying your bubbler, you should be able to notice a part called a stem.

The general rule to this is that the stem should be submerged in water.

You can eyeball this as long as the water at least covers up ¾ of the stem.

The reason for the submerged stem is that the smoke will travel through it, producing a smoother hit.

Although this is the general rule, double-check the bubbler that you own as other bubblers have longer stems in them, which then changes the idea of how much water should be in it.

Is There A Percolator?

Ask this question to yourself.

If the bubbler you have includes a percolator, make sure that the water level is above the slits on the perc to ensure a smooth smoking experience.

Remember that this is beneficial because a percolator is a part of the bubbler that cools down the smoke before inhalation.

Cooling the smoke ensures that the user doesn’t cough as much during the session.

Adjust The Water Level

Before you drop in the goods, try out the bubbler first.

Different water levels would have different effects during the inhalation.

Too much water produces splashback. Plus, you will be having a hard time getting that pull you’re expecting.

On the other hand, if there is too little amount of water, you won’t be able to produce bubbles. Remember this: the more bubbles, the smoother hits.

Trial and Error

It’s really up to your preference at this point. Some people prefer less water for a stronger taste.

Meanwhile, others want it staler. You just have to test out which setup works best for you and keep that in mind every time a session arises.

In that way, you wouldn’t have to repeat trying out water levels in the future.

As soon as you have mastered the right amount of water needed in your bubbler, every session will be smooth like butter.

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