10 Heady Dab Rigs and Bongs That Will Blow Your Mind

What Is Heady Glass?

Recently, I read a lot of posts on weed-related websites and Sub-Reddits about the term heady glassAs I didn’t know what it was, I did a couple Google searches and it opened up an entire new world to me!

The term heady glass describes bongs, dab rigs, bubblers and pipes that are not only functional but also highly decorated using different glass blowing techniques such as sand blasting, tinting, fuming and sculpting. Heady glass pieces are usually produced in very low amounts or are even one of a kind. They can increase in value over time especially when the artist gains popularity.

Quick Answer


All the pieces below are completely functional and suitable for regular use. Some of them are on default set up as bong and others as dab rig. You can use all of them as either as they are all compatible to use a bowl or a nail.

I like this bong for being hybrid between heady glass and scientific glass. It is as easy to clean and use as a regular bong yet looks absolutely amazing.

If you don’t own any heady glass yet or too much going on on your bong freaks you out when you are high this is a great piece to start with.

Travel back to the land before time with this dinosaur-themed heady recycler bong. It features a lovable long neck which is known to be the friendliest kind of dinosaur there is. Moreso, kick back, relax and hit like a pre-historic freak.

This is one of my favorite wake and bake bongs. Especially when its nice and clean it doesn’t make you feel like a crack head and you can start the day with a positive high. Trust me you will feel really good about yourself hitting this piece, having some avocado toast for breakfast and then going for a surf or swim.

What Are The Downsides Of Heady Glass Bongs?

As heady glasses are more detailed and consist of more smaller glass pieces, it has to be treated with better care than regular scientific glass. In order to ensure the longevity of a heady piece, it has to be thoroughly cleaned.

Wake up to great mornings from getting baked in the night before. One hit from this beauty and it will cock-a-doodle-do from the reality around you. However, smoke moderately or the rooster will find a way to peck the heck out of you.

One word: “Hot!” Feel the heat with a bit of zing from the weed if you smoke through this heady sriracha bong. It awfully looks like a sriracha bottle ready to squeeze a good sauce on anything. Extra sauce, anyone?

How To Clean Heady Glass?

Aren’t those just the most beautiful bongs you have ever seen? But how do you maintain them in order to keep them looking stunning you might ask? It is quite easy. Clean them with the same bong cleaner you would use for any other bong. I usually fill a bucket with hot water and a decent amount of bong cleaner and soak the entire bong over night. The next day it will be super simple to wipe of all the residue. Afterwards, I just wash it out with a lot of clean water until I can’t smell any chemical anymore. It is very important that you don’t let your bong get too dirty or it will not be possible to get it looking like new.

Never be afraid of spilled milk, the carton bubbler is here! Made of see-through glass, it looks cool to see the milk “bubble,” right? The downstem even looks like a straw. Meanwhile, this piece just takes you back to the elementary school where everything was laid back and simple.

Why Is Heady Glass So Expensive?

Let’s be real. Owning a heady glass is an absolute novelty as it is kind of expensive. But why is that? One of the main factors is the time it takes to make a unique bong. As every piece is only produced in smaller quantities the glass artist has to spend time designing each piece instead of designing one piece and getting thousands of it produced.

The uniqueness also increases demand as there simply aren’t enough of every piece for everyone who wants to buy one. Then there is also the material. Glass artist only use the best materials they can get their hands on to make their masterpieces. Keep in mind that heady glass bongs are the easiest to resell and that you can sell them for more than what you bought them for as they are collectors items.

One thing’s for sure, the gays are here to play. Presenting one of the well-known gay icons, the unicorn. Every hit is a hit of love, passion, power, and revolution. With the UniKorn bong, you’ll never feel alone. It’s a community in every hit.

Chug down the thirst with the water bottle rig! Resembling an actual drinking bottle, quench the need for water in every hit. Who says you can’t hydrate while smoking, am I right? But always remember not to drink the bong water as that’s nasty.

Have you tried smoking weed from a piece of wood? If not, here’s your best chance! Wield the power of nature in your hands with this tree stump water pipe. This tool resembles an actual stump of wood which really makes the session an experience.

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with this beehive bong! Get baked with the sweet design that incorporates oozing honey from the hive itself. Be careful about the Queen Bee as it might not like visitors in her hive. But invite your friends over as this is a celebration.

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