Propane Hash Oil (PHO)

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Cannabis extract

Propane hash oil[ˈprəʊpeɪn hæʃ ɔɪl]


Any Cannabis extract produced using propane as the major solvent in the extraction process is identified as propane hash oil. Also known by its initials, PHO, propane hash oil has an often bright yellow appearance.

Propane can be used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from Cannabis plants, just like butane, hexane, and pentane. Propane removes cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals from Cannabis plant material in a closed-loop system, similar to the BHO extraction method.

PHO extracts have a budder-like consistency, but BHO can come in different forms, including budders, shatters, oils, and more. Users enjoy PHO in vape pens or other vape devices, by cooking, sprinkling it on a flower bowl, or mixing it in a joint.

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