Nectar Collector

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Smoking gear

Nectar collector[ˈnɛktə kəˈlɛktə]


For Cannabis aficionados, a nectar collector is a portable dab rig that can be carried around and used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. The vertical design of nectar collectors resembles that of straw. The body is constructed of glass or silicone, with a titanium or quartz tip heated with a torch or electricity before inhaling any preferred concentrate.

The nectar collector is the latest method of dabbing Cannabis, only introduced in 2014. This gear was well-received by the Cannabis community because of the convenience it brings.

By using a nectar collector, you can dab Cannabis discreetly. Nectar collectors are small enough to fit in a pocket or small bag, but these will still require a torch or other heat source, just like any other dab rig.

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