Closed-loop system

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Extraction method

Closed-loop system[kləʊzd-luːp ˈsɪstɪm]


A closed-loop system, also known as closed-loop extraction, refers to cannabis smoking equipment that allows processors to extract active chemicals from cannabis plants using solvents without exposing them to the outside environment.

Mechanically, closed-loop systems differ depending on the solvent utilized. The general procedure, though, stays the same. There are three main containment areas: one for the principal solvent, one for the cannabis plant material, and one for collecting the extracted liquid.

Closed-loop methods have been used to make perfume and food additives for decades, and they’ve just been modified for cannabis. A closed-loop system is a safe way to work with combustible hydrocarbons like butane and propane and a simple way to mix butane, propane, and other chemicals for various extractions.

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