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Growing method



Aeroponics cultivates marijuana plants in which the roots are suspended in air and sprayed with water inside a chamber. Classified as a medium-less method, aeroponics began as a research approach in studying plants’ root systems.

Initially, there was little notion of using aeroponics for anything other than root-based research, but that has since changed. Aeroponics has become a recognized and beneficial method of cultivating plants.

Some of the benefits of aeroponics are the following:

  1. A considerable output of trichomes comes from crops cultivated in aeroponic systems.
  2. Because the plants’ root systems do not have to compete for space, aeroponic systems take up less room than hydroponic and outdoor grow facilities.
  3. Aeroponic systems have a faster grow cycle than soil-based growth facilities, in addition to a greater survival rate and less footprint.

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