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Cannabis slang

four-twenty[fɔː ˈtwɛnti]


For Cannabis aficionados, 420 refers to a time when marijuana is used. It might be 4:20 AM or 4:20 PM. Annually speaking, it could point to April 20 or 4/20. This 420 code is also a standard reference on marijuana goods.

Around the world, the number 420 has become a code for smoking marijuana. It even becomes an opportunity to raise cannabis awareness.

Tracing its history, 420’s origins from a group of high school boys known as “Waldoes.” They came across a hand-drawn map supposedly locating an abandoned marijuana plantation. They decided to search for it, and they meet every time at 4:20 PM. The Waldoes never discovered the cannabis crop. They did, however, spend a lot of time driving about and consuming marijuana while hunting for it.

Through the years, 420 has become a moniker for the marijuana niche.

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four twenty
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