10 Geeky Dabbers For Nerdy Stoners

Best Geeky Dabbers

What Are Dabber Tools?

Dabbers are a wand like tool, that is used to apply cannabis concentrates like wax, oil, budder or shatter to the hot nail of an dab rig. You need to use a dabber because the concentrates can be very stick and you could easily burn yourself on the nail.

How To Use A Dabber Tool?

Using a dabber tool is quite a straightforward process. Make sure the dabber is clean. Stick it in your stash jar and pick up the amount you want to smoke in one hit. Once you have heated up the nail of your rig apply the concentrate onto it by using the dabber tool. Clean your dabber afterward so that it is ready for your next session.

How To Clean A Dabber?

You should always keep your dabber clean! I clan mine after every dab because it makes my dabs taste cleaner and I don’t like having a sticky wand lying around on my table that makes a mess and is eventually really hard to clean. Simply heat up your dabber a bit using your torch or lighter and then carefully wipe it of onto some tissue. Don’t burn yourself! Additionally you could use some cleaning alcohol every now and then to keep it extra clean.

What Is A Carb Cap?

Carb caps are removable lids used on domeless nails or quartz bangers.
They help retaining heat and regulating airflow.

If you want to get stronger more aromatic hits out of your dab rig you should definitely consider getting a carb cap. Especially if you like to dab on lower temperatures you should use a carb cap as they will ensure you get to smoke all the concentrate you put on the nail.

How To Use A Carb Cap?

Using a carb cap is super simple. As soon as you have put your concentrate on the nail cover it with the carb cap and don’t take it off until you are done with the hit. Be very careful that you don’t burn yourself when putting on or taking off the carb cap.

Practice witchcraft with every sesh with this magic wand with chakra stones dabber. Since its occult-themed, imbued every dab with black magic for good luck and fortune. This dabber is handpainted and could swish and flick you into baked goods.

Inspired by ball and chain, go back to medieval times with the medieval dabber. It isn’t only a dabber but also a carb cap. Both of its ends are functional for the price of one. Colors may be different from photos.

Since a magic wand is in this post, why not add more magic by bringing in a fertility idol dabber? Featuring a woman’s hourglass figure, it’s easy to hold which makes it less prone to drops and falls. Let’s hope that this brings good fortune to every hit in your sessions.

Kratos would be impressed himself if he sees this sword-shaped dabber. Re-live the moments in Crete before becoming a God of War in every hit. Available in 4 color combinations.

These cute dabbers have food tips that make you want to eat after doing a session. Made from borosilicate glass, it is sure that the food won’t spoil and would be able to sustain it for a while.

Bears will always be cute animals. But what if they’re wearing a scarf? Even cuter! Take home a bear of your own with this dabber tool. It’s made from heat resistant borosilicate glass and could withstand extreme temperatures.

Take a walk into the wild for this mushroom dab tool! Its tip has a cute mushroom accent that is available in different color combinations. Meanwhile, the actual dabber is twisted which makes it easier to hold compared to other dabbers with straight tips.

Who said aliens are creepy? This dab tool forfeits that claim. It features an alien figure on top of a tip. Aside from that, the figure appears to be a woman, too! Who knew aliens have genders?

“Chomp” your way into dabs with this cute crocodile dabber! Its unique shape resembles a real-life crocodile with actual grooves behind its back.

Crawl your way into the best dabs with this octopus tentacle dab. Complete with suckers, it resembles one of the eight tentacles. It’s as sticky as it looks, making you get the right amount of dab in every scoop.

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