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Does CBD affect your memory?

Does CBD affect your memory? For the past few years, CBD has been considered to relieve any symptoms associated with memory loss. It is also suggested as a supplement for different types of dementia. Today, people use CBD to improve their focus and boost their brain performance. Does CBD affect

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Does Cannabis make you forgetful?

Does Cannabis make you forgetful? Cannabis has been pointed out for memory loss for so long already. However, this notion has not been proven yet. As we know, memory is classified into short term and long term. Short-term memory stores immediate events temporarily. On the other hand, long-term memory is

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Do Cannabis edibles expire?

Do Cannabis edibles expire? Cannabis edibles expire like any other food product. Their shelf life is just the same as their non-cannabis food counterpart. The good thing is that you can extend the shelf life of Cannabis edibles by keeping them away from humidity, heat, contamination, and air. Thus, you

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How to grow Cannabis in small spaces?

How to grow Cannabis in small spaces? Micro growing is making use of small or limited space to cultivate Cannabis. To do this, you need to ensure adequate height space since you need more height than the width of your growing area. Also, you need to have a sterile and

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Why did my Cannabis plants stop growing?

Why did my Cannabis plants stop growing? Several reasons may cause your Cannabis plants to have stunted growth. These include poor genetics, clone stress, lack of oxygen, root health problem, light issues, overwatering, incorrect pH levels, inappropriate temperature and container, pests and insects, and tissue damage. When you notice them

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Why should Cannabis be legalized?

Why should Cannabis be legalized? In the early 20th century, Cannabis was illegal in every state of the US. But today, twenty states have legally approved the recreational use of it. Although several states have approved it, several movements are still fighting for legalizing Marijuana. Arguments supporting it include the

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