Cheap Bongs with Percolators: get cheap bongs online

Cheap Bongs with Percolators: Which percolator to choose and where to buy them cheaper.

Let’s face it. We all wouldn’t mind spending less money on a good Bong.
Buying a Bong with a Perc can be as easy as visiting the nearest head shop and picking one you like. But that’s not how you buy cheap bongs.

There is only one problem. You will pay way too much for a product that you hardly know anything about apart from perhaps the brand name. But by the time you realize this, you are already one with the couch and don’t really care anymore.


Let’s go through it step by step.

I. Style: There are four main styles of Bongs that all have their unique attributes.


1. The most common and simplest style is the straight tube. That means that the downstream is just an extension of the tube usually with the same diameter.

2. Beaker base Bongs are quite common as well. Beaker Bongs have a way larger base than tube wich gives them the Erlenmeyer-flask-look.

3. Sidecars are a mix of the straight tube and the beaker. They usually feature a large base with a straight tube in a 45° angle. This gives you better sight on the bowl as well as preventing water to squirt in your mouth.


So which one is the best design?

It is personal preference.

Have a look at my blog post best Bongs. Over there I list the 10 best bongs that I ever used.

What style fits your needs?


Straight tubes are the easiest to clear in one rip, which makes them good for beginners or casual bong smokers.

A little different are Beaker Bongs. They obviously have a larger volume what makes them harder to clear in one rip. But that also gives you the possibility to do larger rips.

Sidecars are pretty much the same like beaker bongs. They are designed for stronger, larger rips as the sidecar design prevents water from splashing into your mouth in a strong rip.

And then there are also recyclers.

They are usually smaller bongs made for smoking oil. They are designed for long rips that you only possibly can get with oil or wax. What is special about them is that they have an extra tube that leads sucked up water back down into the first chamber instead of up to the mouth opening. That way you can drag for unlimited time without sucking the water out of the bong.

II. Bong material Material


So obviously Glass is superior. The thicker the glass is the better.

Any Glass can break. But the thicker the more durable a bong is.

III. Natural Downstem or Physical Downstem


The only difference is that you can take a physical Downstem out. A natural Downstem is built into the Bong. Physical Downstems make a bong easier to clean and to upgrade the bong.

Generally, you should always go for a physical Downstem. It gives you the ability to change the Downstem and replace it with a Downstem with for example a defuser or any other extras.

However, if the bong is perfect already and has an amazing percolator, there is no need to have it.

IV. Extras:


Splashguards can be really useful but they aren’t a must. If your bong is a Sidecar style you simply don’t need it

Just have a look how close the highest percolator in the tube is to your mouth. If it’s closer than two-hands-wide you should make sure it has one.

Ice catchers are quite popular, even though they aren’t essential.  They will simply allow you to drop some ice into the tube. That will cool down the smoke and will soften the smoke.

Ash catchers are a must in my opinion. An Ashcatcher is another chamber that you plug between the bowl and your main chamber. They come with a percolator most of the time. That way you can add any desired percolator to your bong. The actual purpose of them is to catch all the dirt and ashes. This will help to keep your bong clean as only the ash catcher will get seriously dirty instead of your entire bong.
You can only use ash catchers if you have a removable Downstem. Also, you should make sure your bong isn’t too top heavy as an ash catcher can bring your bong out of balance and cause it to tip over.

V. Which Percolator is the best?

This is the hardest thing to recommend as there are so many different ones. I will try and judge them based on two factors.

Drag: How much suction you need to use it and smoothness.

Both of them on a scale from 1 (bad) to 10 (good).

Showerheads: Smoothness 6/10

Drag 9/10

Showerheads are only made for smoking oil.


cheap bongs

Turbines: Smoothness 5/10

Drag 5/10


2″ Inlines: Smoothness7/10

Drag 4/10

5″ Inlines:   7/10

cheap bongs


Honeycombs: Smoothness 8/10
Drag 8/10


cheap bongs


Froth: Smoothness 7/10

Drag 8/10


cheap bongs cheap bongs


Chandelier: Smoothness 7/10

Drag 6/10


cheap bongs


Tree Percolator: Smoothness 7/10
Drag 7/10


cheap bongs


Stereo matrix: Smoothness 9/10

Drag 9/10


cheap bongs


Fritted Disk: Smoothness 10/10

Drag 10/10


cheap bongs cheap bongs

VI. Additional


Allways think as far ahead as you can.

If you are not going to clean your bong often, don’t buy percolators that clog easily like honeycombs or fritted disks. Especially If you smoke oil you should probably not use those Percs at all.

Something else to pay attention too is the bowl size. As far as I, know there are four different sizes out there. 9mm, 14mm, 18m, and 26mm. 14mm and 18mm Bong bowls are the standards. Try to fix yourself on one size as that will make it possible to interchange down stems and ash catchers.


Stoner pro tip 1:
Why is buying a good bong so expensive in a store and how can I save money?

This is quite easy to answer. Owning a store costs money. The owner has to cover expenses like rent, bills, and staff wages. As the only source of income is the customer, the store will have to sell products more expensive than they buy them.
The result is that you, the customer, pay more for a product in order to have the convenience of buying it straight away instead of having it delivered to your house.

If you want to save heaps on your bong and have some $$ left to buy bud, just buy it online. Seriously its that easy!

Bongs like this beauty below are being sold for as much as 300$ in stores but are incredibly affordable online.

cheap bongs

Stoner pro tip 2:
Material: How to save money buying good quality glass bongs?

Buying a cheaper Bong seems like an economically smart decision.

If you haven’t found a way to earn money whilst smoking pot you are most likely to care about your bank balance.

The truth is good quality cost a couple bucks more. But good quality also lasts longer.  In my opinion, a bong that lasts me for a long time is a cheap bong.

Start thinking long term. Think how many days of use you get out of it.
If you bought a Bong for $100 for example. And it lasts for 5 years. You will end up paying 20$ per year, which is a pretty sweet deal.

If you bought a Bong for $50 on the other hand and it only lasts 3 month due to its thin, low-quality glass and overall poor quality you will spend $200 per year on your bong. 

Below a good example for a cheap bong. The price is under $100 and it can last you decades if treated well.


cheap bongs

Stoner pro tip 3:
Brand: Why you are being silly buying big Brands.

There are Products where the famous, more expensive brands are definitely superior. For example Cars or Power-tools. This is because those brands have a long history of making these often very complicated products.

But Guess what? Bongs aren’t one of these products. Making Bongs isn’t rocket science. In Fact, Bongs are just devices similar to Chemical equipment, simplified and made look nicer. As Chemical instruments made from glass are around for quite a while already there is not much knowledge that needed to be acquired to make quality Bongs. That’s why I would never pay more than 100$ for a bong. Cheap Bongs should be between 50 and 100 bucks. It is a whole different

That’s why I would never pay more than 100$ for a bong. Cheap Bongs should be between 50 and 100 bucks. It is a whole different story if it’s a supersized bong or has tons of percolators.

Why are some brands so damn expensive then?


There are different approaches to selling a product.
One is selling a quality product for what it is worth. This relies on the product being known or recommended.

Another way is to pay large amounts of money to promote the product. For example renting Billboards, Tv-Adverts or even hiring a prominent person to promote it. So Obviously the Bong Brand will have to pay for this. In order to make a profit, they will have to increase the price.

At this stage, they are selling a product that is more expensive than a comparable, same quality Bong. That’s why there are certain brands that just don’t sell cheap bongs, as i like to call them.

What do I mean with cheap bong anyways?

When I refer to cheap bongs I don’t mean low-quality Bongs. With cheap Bongs I mean Bongs that are worth their money. So please don’t get confused when I refer to a Bong that has 30 percolators and is 10 feet tall but cost 250$ as a cheap bong.

So if you wanna donate some of your hard-earned money to Snoop Dogg or whoever promotes them, go ahead. Keep on buying the big brands.

But I Guess you rather buy yourself something nice.
I mean just check out the one below.

You can easily find a great Bong for under $100 online. Probably even under $75!


cheap bongs

I know so many people that just don’t know how to find the cheap bongs. Isn’t it sad to see people doing something stupid without them noticing? Witnessing them wasting money.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I agree to the point that it’s smarter to buy something that is a bit more expensive but last way longer. However,  paying more money for a product that is the same material, same specs, and the same size than a competitors product is just stupid. That’s not how you buy a cheap bong. And no that bong won’t last longer because it was more expensive. People need to understand that price doesn’t equal quality. Quality equals price. If you don’t get this you will never be able to find the cheap bongs or anything reasonably priced in general.


Final words

I hope this helped you understand what to look for in a bong and how to not get ripped off.
If the examples I picked for you didn’t match your taste, this is where I pick my cheap bongs from that last me years.

Make sure you show this to your friends and share it on social media. That way you can help support a stoner band that keeps it real and cares about their customers by providing good, quality and yet cheap bongs.

Peace out!






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