The 10 Best Black Leaf Bongs

“For stoners, by stoners.” Black Leaf is a German brand that produces bongs, dab rigs bubblers and everything in between. With their excellent glass, grinders and other stoner gear, Black Leaf has solidified its name in the cannabis industry by being one the best value for money brands out there.

What are the Best Black Leaf Bongs?

This boxed set from Black Leaf is a great gift for your stoner friends or for yourself.

What you get in this set is a 14.9" / 38 cm beaker glass bong that comes with a 6-arm tree perc, an ice catcher, splash guard and a diffused downstem.

Additionally, there is also both a standard bowl for flower and concentrate banger for oil, wax, shatter or whatever concentrate tickles your fancy in the box. So effectively this rig works with both dried herbs and oils. Besides that, the funnel bowl comes with roll stoppers. This is an absolutely amazing deal.

(last time I checked it was $199 but you can just click here to check current pricing yourself.)

The bong/dab rig in this set is very similar to the set above.

The difference is this one is a 14.2" / 36cm straight base.

Additional to its diffused downstem, splash guard, ice catcher and 6-arm tree perc this boxed set also contains a funnel bowl and an oil/wax banger. This bong easily transitions from a dry weed bong into a dab rig.

The tree percolator paired with the diffused downstem and the ice that you will hopefully use this bong with breaks down the smoke before inhalation for much smoother hits. 

(This piece goes for around $125 but you can just click here to check current pricing yourself.)

Go full Trekkies with the Star Trek-inspired bubble base bong from Black Leaf.

It comes with a free additional steam roller and a quartz banger that fits a 14.5 mm female joint (by the way 14.5 mm and 14mm are the same thing. One is the technically correct measurement and the other the lazy rounding).

Aside from that, it also comes with a standard bowl deep enough for a good knockout hit. This is a great gift for a Star Trek fan and anybody who loves a good bargain on an allrounder set.

(This set goes for around $125 but you can just click here to check current pricing yourself.)

Own the luxury of a bong with two 10-arm tree percolators for a reasonable price with this piece. This bong is slightly out of the budget glass bong price range but it’s so worth the extra cost.

It is a 18.9" / 48 cm straight base with two 10-arm tree percs, an ice catcher and a fixed downstem

Aside from that, it comes with a standard glass bowl for conventional weed.

(Last time I checked it was sold for around $180 but just click here if you would like to check the current pricing yourself.)

What happens if you double a percolator inside a bong? It produces this masterpiece from Black Leaf. In total, it has 19 percolator slits. It is more than what is in a standard percolator bong. The goal is simple and it is to provide a smoother hit. Black Leaf has mastered that in this bong. Whatever happens, it will only produce the best hit every time.

It is no surprise that Black Leaf integrates their design with the idea of sustaining its products. It is very evident in this product, a beaker bong, that this idea is something all brands should do. This beaker bong not only produces great smoke with its slit diffuser but it also is a sturdy bong with a 7mm glass thickness.

Aside from that, it does not easily topple too as it is equipped with a non-slip silicone which you can remove if needed.

Combining elegance with function, this beaker base ice bong from Black Leaf exceeds class standards. Aside from its beauty, its 4-arm tree percolator bubbles up the water from the beaker chamber and breaks down the smoke from the herbs in the herb bowl. By the time it rises up to the mouthpiece, it is already cool and easy on the throat.

As simple as it may sound, this straight tube bong will bring light to your mind in a few hits. Although it is a straight tube bong, its parts are detachable and could be removed for easier cleaning from time to time. The herb bowl, along with the downstem could be separated from the bong itself for thorough cleaning. The whole tube is designed with Ganesha, a Hindu god for new beginnings.

This one’s another cool straight tube bong from Black Leaf. It also comes with a detachable her bowl and a detachable downstem. For more potent-tasting hits, straight tube bongs are more ideal as the air does not travel far inside the chamber making the taste concentrated and less diluted compared to other bong types.

One of the bubble bongs made by Black Leaf, this one’s insanely good as it’s partnered with a cage percolator. What it does is break down smoke particles into finer ones so the smoke becomes smoother. After that, it circulates further in the bubble base for cooler smoke before inhalation.

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