Best Places To Buy CBD Tea Online

You’re probably here because you know that there’s nothing more relaxing than to sip and indulge yourself in a cup of CBD tea. Either drink one to kick start your day or to sleep soundly at night; there’s no doubt that its rich taste and benefits will give you relaxation.


Here in this article, I provided you a list of the 5 best shops where you can buy CBD tea online.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy CBD Tea Online?

"From the roots up" is the company’s dedication to crafting their premium infusions of CBD tea from their own extractions.

They have the most affordable price range for teas, starting at $8. If you prefer loose teas or tea bags, this shop’s got them both available. Plus, you have 5 different rich flavors to choose from. There’s also a lot of good product reviews on their website, and you get a 10% discount when you subscribe to their newsletter. I highly recommend this to beginner CBD tea drinkers since they have teas available in tiny doses, which is perfect to experiment with CBD for the first time.

Price Range: $8- $35 per pack

HempLand USA prides itself on crafting CBD products since 2014, believing that CBD does more than providing health benefits. You can get a taste of their tea range that gives multiple benefits like relaxation, energy balance, and good sleep. They also offer a lot of discounts like giving you 15% off on your first purchase.

Price Range: $24.95 per pack

Since its launch in 2016, Hakuna Supply aims to provide their products in a fun, friendly, and sustainable way. You may find this shop overwhelming for their wide variety of products, but their tea range is exceptional. At $24.95 per pack, you can indulge yourself with their distinctive herbal infusions. They also offer sampler boxes with 4 different tea flavors, perfect for those planning to give hemp tea as a gift.

Price Range: $24.95 per pack

Kalpana offers a more holistic approach to using CBD. Believing in the earth’s healing power, the company offers loose hemp tea infused with aromatherapeutic herbs from natural sources. Their teas offer valuable benefits like joint therapy, detoxification, and relaxation. Instead of discounts, you can make a price offer on the products listed on the website.

Price Range: $39.99 – $49.99

Empress Teas renders organic, fair trade herbal infusions that aids in spiritual alignment. Their tea bundle offers a balance of awakening your senses in the morning and easing your mind at night. They only ship in the US and offer a subscription discount with a daily ritual guide to promote spiritual healing.

Price Range: $29 per tea pack, $58 for the bundle

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