What is the best online headshop in europe?

The best online headshop in Europe in terms of best customer service, shipping times, prices, product variety and accessibility is grascity.eu

What makes Grasscity the best headshop in Europe?

Started in 2000, Grass City strived not only to become the best in the market but also to become the best in customer service. Their value for their customers set them apart as they prioritize good service and taking care of people is what they’re good at. Partnered with that is their competitive pricing and value for money that you seldom go hand in hand in other businesses.

Grass City Europe has good customer service support. Powered by a ticketing system, they ensure that all queries or requests get answered in a specific timeframe. Although they do not have a customer service number to reach as of the moment, they do have a list of frequently asked questions which you can also check in case you might have questions that have been answered in the past.

Since Grass City values its customers, they include a free shipping deal for those who will buy products amounting to 30 upon checkout. Isn’t that a great deal? You get your items delivered for free, at no extra charge. You could buy for yourself, for a friend, or a family member and ship it together without paying extra fees. Grass City also ships in discreet packaging, ensuring your safety or security when buying their products online. Added to that, they also have easy returns wherein you can return a product due to various reasons.

The worst thing about online shopping is not being able to find what you are looking for. But Grass City has provided its solution; an easy user interface. Never get lost again in a maze of online shops as Grass City categorized every item based on its brand and product type. It even has its own “SALE” tab which takes you to a listing of items that are discounted. The website sports a clean, minimalist look which guides you to the products without confusing even the first time customers.

Online shopping has included a new way to pay. With debit cards and e-wallets, it’s now easier to process payments and purchase the things that you need. Grass City kept this in mind and opened another option of payment through Bitcoins. Don’t worry, Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx are still available options to choose from. But Bitcoin comes in as another option who might have e-currency lying around waiting to be used.

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