The Best EHLE Bongs

Bongs are known to be fragile smoking paraphernalia that oftentimes cost a fortune. The EHLE brand changed that by introducing sturdy glass products with prices that don’t break a stoner’s pocket. Today, the EHLE brand is one of the stoners’ havens where they can source quality tools for that great smoking experience. This is why EHLE has the best bongs in the industry.

The Best EHLE Bongs

The EHLE Glass History

EHLE’s humble beginnings in Germany starts as a family heirloom. The Ehle family is known to be a family of glassblowers who made glass pieces for decoration or laboratory equipment. However, when the current owner Thomas Ehle took over the business from his father, he started to introduce water pipes to people and the rest is history.


Today, EHLE is known as a brand producing quality smoking paraphernalia that stoners prefer more than any brand. Their glass bongs sell like hotcakes due to their sturdiness and great design. No wonder they’re ROOR’s biggest competition in the industry.

The Best EHLE Bongs

EHLE proves time and time again that their bongs are superior and quality by upgrading the way they process glass into bongs. This straight cylinder bong is proof of that excellence. Although it may look like a regular bong at first glance, it is a bong made from computer-controlled glass tempering which makes it sturdier than regular glass.


Aside from that, its straight cylinder body promotes airflow in a manner that cools the smoke down without compromising how it would taste. Added to that, it comes with a pearl diffuser and a medium funnel bowl for the complete experience. It also fits 18.8mm attachments through its joint.

Beaker base bongs provide better air circulation through a wider chamber found at the base. EHLE innovates this design by providing a glass bong that doesn’t shatter under extreme heat or through weak pressures. Aside from the best experience in every session, EHLE assures its consumers that its bongs are built to last. This beaker base bong comes with a pearl downstem and a funnel bowl. Attachments with 18mm sizes could also be used with this bong.

If there’s a big brother, of course, there is a little brother. This tiny counterpart of EHLE’s own “Big Brother” works as his older bro but in a more manageable size. At 8” or 20.5cm tall, it could 14.5mm attachments aside from the funnel bowl and downstem it comes with. For travelers, this might be a better option since it does what the regular bong can do without compromising the limited space a traveler might encounter.

EHLE Bong Add-Ons

As of posting, EHLE Glass can be bought through Grasscity which is an online headshop. Not convinced? Check out how EHLE ranks in the best bong brands for the year!

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