The Best Way To Transport Joints And Blunts In 2021

Keeping a stash on hand is necessary for a stoner. If you want to keep it lowkey and discreet, here are some of the containers I found online that would help you transport your stash in style. Here are some options to transport joints and blunts in 2021.

Quick Answer

It’s basic, simple, and minimal.

If you want your stash away from the public eye, this is the best container for you.

Standing 3” or 7.5 cm, the CR Pop Top Joint Holder is a pocket-sized container that does the job it’s supposed to.

Don’t worry about the stash smelling because this container is airtight and at the same time smell-proof.

You never go wrong with black.

The CR Pop Top Joint Holder is one for the books because of its unique security feature.

It’s not rocket science but it makes sense.

The lid has an embossed arrow which you would need to align with another embossed arrow found in its body to open.

It’s so secure, it even produces a popping sound upon opened.

Added to that, it also blocks out odor making your stash discreet and undetectable.

Containers are often discreet.

But if you prefer to show personality, Weedgets Doob Tube is your new friend.

Show your cool and edgy personality with Doob Tube’s multiple color selections that are metallic in finish.

It comes with a silicone filter tip that secures crumbs that might fall from the rolled-up joints.

The Doob Tube seals the deal with its smell proof and waterproof airtight seal.

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