Best Bongs that don’t break the bank in 2018

Best Bongs that don’t break the bank:

The how to choose the right Bong  in 2018 guide.


I took the task to rate the 10 best Bongs I have ever used, to help you how to choose the right Bong.

It is amazing how many cheap bongs you can find. Even Percolator Bongs.
My task today will be to show you where to find them.

For validation, I took Price, Brand, Functionality, Specs, Material, and Optics as the main indicator of quality. This might help you to decide what kind of bong you should be getting.

Before buying a Bong, there are certain questions you will have to ask yourself, to narrow down the number of different options you are choosing from.

Let’s give you a peek at my favorite bong!

Pretty damn dope right?

Keep on reading I will tell you more about that beauty and many more amazing Bongs. If you curious where to get it i’ll drop a link below in my top 10 Bong ranking. This one is number 3 of the greatest Bongs by the way.

Price: How to find cheap bongs and Bongs on sale?


The biggest question for most people is probably the price point. Bongs come in a wide range of quality and are therefore widely spread out price wise. But a higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. Often bongs made by a popular brand will be more expensive than a comparable from an unknown brand.

But a higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality.

Usually, the more popular a Brand is, the more they charge for their products.

On the other side, unknown brands are charging less to promote them selfs

But why is that?

Brand:  Are you after a logo or want to find the best Bong you can you can get for your money?


The first Bongs I hit in my life were branded ones, that my friends purchased from the local head shops. Back in the day, I would recommend them to anybody, as I haven’t tried any other ones at that point. Now I know that the most famous brands are not necessarily the ones using the best materials and not always provide the best quality on the market.

Why are they that expensive then you ask?

They are simply the ones that spend the most money on advertising and pay higher commissions to the stores to sell them!

These days I only buy Bongs from one online store that I found a while ago that delivers, in my opinion, the most value for its price.  What I also like about them is that they ship the products really fast and use a discrete box.

So don’t worry! Nobody will give you dirty looks when you pick that parcel up from the post office.

On top of this their customer service is terrific and you will always get your money back if you don’t like the product or if it isn’t as described. They are by far my favorite.

Material and Functionality: Some Glass Bongs are better than others.

It is also important to have a look at the actual quality of the product.

Glass and plastic are the most common materials to make Bongs from.

The best materials make the best bongs. Furthermore, the thickness can heavily differ. A thicker glass is usually better as it won’t break as easy and won’t be as likely to tip over for as long as it is well balanced.

In general, you will have to ask yourself what material you are going for.

For someone who smokes regularly at home, I would recommend a middle to high priced bong made from thick, scientific glass.

If you are mainly on the go or carry your bong around a lot, a plastic bong (or other nonbreakable material) would be ideal for you. They are quite cheap!

So what’s the catch with them?

The main downside is that non-glass Bongs are harder to clean and can affect the flavor with their smell.


One of the hardest things to choose are the specs as they are all amazing and add that little extra to any bong.

Some people like to keep things simple with just an ice catcher. I on the other side literally need to have a percolator or at least a honeycomb in my bong, as it smoothens the entire smoking experience. If you only owned plain, simple Bongs so far, it is time to change this now!

Trust me. You are missing out on using the best bong parts.


Percolators cool down and filter the smoke by pulling it through an extra water chamber.  They either lead the smoke through just one channel or several. On top of this, they can have other features that modify the smoke.

Percolators are like the engine in a car.  You would call a car without an engine a car just as you would call a bong without Percolators a bong.

But in both cases, you miss out on what it’s actually made for and defeat the purpose of getting a car or Bong in the first place.

If you want to find out more about Percolators you should check my other blog post out. There I introduce the best Bong Percolators, how they look like and how they work.

I also give advice on what kind of percolator to use for wax and oil for the best bong smoking experience.

custom bongs

Diffuser Downstems:

A diffuser breaks down the big bubbles into small bubbles, thereby making the smoke softer and less throat irritating.

dab rigs

Honeycomb Percolator:

Honeycombs are really similar to diffusers and percolators as they smoothen and cool down the smoke.

For really understanding the difference you will just have to try one of them out.
bongs online                                                                                                                    

Ice catcher:

Ice Catchers are probably the simplest and most common spec.

They simply provide a space to store ice cubes in the shaft or your bong.

Again this is for cooling down the smoke. However, it won’t make it much smoother and is often used in combination with other specs.

It is not mandatory for a good smoking experience and many top  Bongs actually don’t have one build in.


Add-ons: How to turn a good Bong into the best Bong you own.                                                                                                                          

Percolators and similar modules are usually already built into a bong. However, they can be added on. That way you can alternate your bong as much as you desire.

In doing so you will have to make sure that your Bong has a really heavy base and stable stand as add-ons can easily bring your bong out of balance.

I don’t think I have to tell you how annoying spilled bong water on the floor is or how sad it is when a Bong breaks. Do I?

Furthermore, You should make sure that your add-ons fit well at the joints to make sure you can still suck the smoke in nice and easy.

Also, you shouldn’t add too many as it will be too much work to move that smokey goodness all the way through your bong-maze into your lungs. In case your add-ons are a different size than your bong, just use an adapter.


As with anything, everyone prefers a different style and look.
If you prefer the clear, clean and scientific looking kind of Bong you will have it a lot easier than others, as this is the most popular and common style.

On the other hand, you will see every little bit of dirt on it. This can be annoying but at least you can be 100% sure when it’s clean.

cool bongs

If clear Bongs are too boring for you and remind you too much of chemistry classes, there are also colored or toned glass bongs as well as clear glass bongs with printed on designs.

small bongsgirly bongs

I hope this made it easier for you to know what you are looking for in a bong.

If you are still a bit clueless just have a look at the ranking below. I listed some of the most satisfying Bongs I ever had from surprisingly low priced ones to high-quality pro stoner equipment.

All the way at the bottom I show you the best Bong cleaning method.

Top 10 Bongs

10. Dankstop hexagon base straight tube

This simplistic Bong is designed for easy use and cleaning.

It might not seem flash but it’s made from quality borosilicate glass and has an extra large bowl!
It is the perfect beginner Bong as it is really affordable and compatible for add-ons.

simple bongs

9. Dankstop 9″ straight tube

I have listed another simplistic bong in the rating to show beginners an alternative to the previous one. it might look small but this 9″ tube is a hard hitter.

Like the previous one, the material is scientific glass, which makes it durable.

cheap water bongs

8. Dankstop  orange fumed Beaker

You might notice we are stepping up a bit now.
This is one of the pretty ones, yet very functional. It features the old school curvy bubble base which is ornated with burnt orange colored glass.

It is 9 Inches tall and very well balanced that makes it possible to extend it with add-ons.
You will also be surprised how affordable this bong is.

glass bongs amazon

7. Mathematix 8″ raked Beaker

This little artwork is an 8-inch beaker bong.
It is quite simple but for its price a bargain.

This is the last simple bong on this ranking. If you are a beginner and get one of the following Bongs, don’t hurt yourself!

glass water pipe

6. classic 6-arm tree perc

Alright, there we are. Entering Bong heavyweight.

I Present you a classic six-arm tree perc bong made by Dankstop.

At 12-inches tall, it is almost twice as big as the previous ones. But it needs to be with all the specs it has stuffed into it.

This little monster features a 6-arm percolator, Ice-catcher, and diffused Down-stem.

Due to the smoke being cooled, broken down and filtered it is a super soft hitter. You will know what I am talking about when you breathe out the smoke!

water pipes for sale

5.  Dankstop 10″ twisted

This one is a giant at 10″.

Its main feature is the twisted neck that will twist your lungs!

Everyone loves this Bong!

glass bongs cheap

4.  15″ double honeycomb perc to 9-arm tree perc

This scientific Glass Bong is an absolute all-rounder!

You can use this bong to smoke bud, wax, and oil! You will never get water in your mouth as of the sidecar design.
It Features a Honeycomb percolator and a Tornado percolator.

types of bongs

3# Best Bongs Ranking

Dankstop mini tornado cyclone

There it is! The beauty you saw in the video above!

I Proudly present the tornado Bong!

This amazingly cheap bong will blow your sock off even though it’s just 9″ tall. If that’s too small for you, there also is a larger version where this one is coming from.

The turbine disc Percolator causes an astonishing cyclone of smoke that will enter your lungs while it’s still spinning.

This bong is absolutely worthy of being ranked in the top three of the most amazing Bongs.

cyclone rake

2# Best Bongs Ranking

 Dankstop Beaker with ufo perc

This pretty thing is actually one of the cheaper Bongs.
But it will make you see aliens!

The glass is scientific, borosilicate glass. Which makes it extremely durable. To bring it sturdiness to another level it has a Dewar’s joint connecting the 90° 14mm female joint to the base. This Bong will last you a lifetime!

This Bong will last you a lifetime!

It is probably one of the best-balanced Bongs ever as of its wide base. This makes it possible to equip it with add-ons without having to fear it would fall over. But be careful what you add to this little devil or it might kick you out of space!

But be careful what you add to this little devil or it might kick you out of space!

The main feature of this piece is its rare UFO-percolator which is located in the second chamber.

Safe to say this is the second best Bong on the listing!

best bongs

1# Best Bongs ranking

Dankstop 15″ double honeycomb perc to 9-arm tree perc

Welcome to science class!

Let’s get straight into it.

What we have got here is two honeycomb percolators, yes two, a nine-arm reinforced tree percolator and a built-in splash guard! No more filthy bong water in your mouth after a strong rip.

The dual honeycombs combined with tree perc will give you the softest smoking experience possible.

Trust me this Bong is the best you will ever try. I Upgraded mine with a dab needle adapter!

unique bongs

10 amazingly beautiful concealed bongs


I didn’t bother writing too much about the bongs below, as their main feature is their concealed appearance.


 bongs that don't look like bongs

Big Bertha

bongs that don't look like bongs



bongs that don't look like bongs




bongs that don't look like bongs




bongs that don't look like bongs


bongs that don't look like bongs






bongs that don't look like bongs






bongs that don't look like bongs






bongs that don't look like bongs




bongs that don't look like bongs

Cleaning and maintenance: The best bong cleaning method

Now where you found the Bong of your dreams you should also know how to keep it intact and clean.

Owning an amazing Bong comes with the responsibility of looking after it. There is no point in owning one of the nicest Bongs ever made when it’s too dirty to use.

You know how bad a bong can smell and how ugly the filthy yellow-brownish grunge is.

I remember how frustrated I was when I tried to scrub off the gunk from my first bong in order to make it look fresh and like new again.

After almost an hour of hard work, I had a scratched Bong that was still dirty in the spots that I couldn’t reach.

Luckily I found a way that makes cleaning your bong child’s play! 

You basically just soak your bong as it is, ideally overnight, in a bucket filled with a mixture of water and a special cleaning agent.

Just make sure it gets everywhere inside it. Especially when your bong has Tree Percs make sure you get every little bit in contact with the cleaning solution.

best bongs

That stuff does magic!

I use it for years now and still, it surprises me every time how crystal clear my Bong is afterward.

How to use it

Be careful!
Even though it is biodegradable it’s probably not good for your health.

I’m sure you are smart enough to not drink it but also make sure you rinse your Bong with clean water several times until all chemical smell is entirely gone.

best bongs

This Stuff right here is what I am talking about.

It will make your Bong last longer as the most common “dead” of a Bong is that a Perc or Diffuser is clogged. With this bad boy, you won’t ever have to fear this again.

I clean my Bongs every 1-2 Months. I have friends who do it more often but I reckon it is overkill. You can find that stuff here.

I hope you got some value from my stoner pro tips!

Give some value back by following this blog, sharing wherever you feel comfortable to do so, and showing it to your stoner friends!


Happy Blazing! 😉


All these Bongs are available either at,, or
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